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Team Management Subscription & Pricing

With Team Management, you have access to tools that will help you manage your team easily. Offering both a free plan and paid plan, Team Management allows you to decide how you’d like to run your business — across locations, devices, and job functions.

When using the free plan, you can secure and restrict sensitive areas of your Point of Sale and online Dashboard with Team Permissions, at no additional cost. To get started with the free plan, simply add your first team member. Learn more about getting started with Team Management.

With Team Plus, you’ll have access to advanced features, like unlimited sets of permissions, activity log by team member, and sales reporting by team member. You’ll also have access to Square Shifts Plus features with your Team Plus subscription.

Team Plus is available at $35 a month per each business location. To get started, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

What’s Included?

Permissions and Access

Feature Team Management Team Plus
Permissions One set of team permissions Unlimited sets of permissions
Team passcode ✔️ ✔️
Personal passcodes ✔️ ✔️
Team member badges ✔️

Team Setup

Feature Team Management Team Plus
Square POS integration ✔️ ✔️
Team roster and management ✔️ ✔️
Delegate team management ✔️ ✔️

Auditing and Insights

Feature __Team Management __ Team Plus
Activity log (events only) ✔️ ✔️
Team attribution on Activity Log events ✔️
Team sales report ✔️

Shifts Plus

Feature Team Management Team Plus
Schedule creation and publishing unlimited
Duplicate shift schedules ✔️
Shift notes ✔️
Manager-set team member availability in Square Dashboard ✔️
Team members set their own availability in the Square Team App ✔️
Open-shift scheduling ✔️
Open-shift scheduling ✔️
Manage time off ✔️

Time Tracking and Attendance

Feature Team Management Team Plus
Time clock (clock in and out from POS or the Square Team App)
Timecard reporting
Timecard notes (team member adds; visible to manager)
Timecard editing by employer/manager
Timecard editing by team member (with approval)
Overtime and break tracking
Shift and break violation alerts
Unscheduled shift alerts
Early/late shift and break clock-in/out alerts
Early and unscheduled clock-in prevention
Shift, break, and clock-in reminders for team
View scheduled versus actual hours
Block ending breaks early
Convert paid break overages to unpaid

Payroll Prep and Compensation

Features Team Management Team Plus
Payroll exports
Multiple jobs and wages per team member
Support salaried team members
Support hourly team members
Tip tracking
Tip pooling
Cash tip tracking
Flat-rate commissions tracking
Tiered-rate commissions tracking
Synced with Square Payroll
Sync with Square-approved partners

Analytics and Reporting

Features Team Management Team Plus
Labor-cost reporting
Scheduled versus actual hours reporting on timecards
Sales reporting by team member
Overtime reporting
Aggregate labor-versus-sales reporting
Individual labor-versus-sales reporting

Team Management vs Team Plus

When you sign up for Team Management, you’re able to create an owner passcode for yourself, as well as a single set of permissions that will apply to all your team members with Team Permissions. By using Team Permissions, your team members will have the ability to use a single Team Passcode to log into the point of sale. They can also use personal passcodes to clock in and out and use Square Shifts, which is included with a Team Plus subscription. Your owner passcode can then be used to override any passcode-related actions taken by your team members.

By signing up for Team Plus, you’ll have access the following Team Management and Square Shifts Plus features:

  • Unlimited roles: Create unlimited team roles, each with their own custom permissions.

  • Team member sales reporting: Track sales by team member, calculate labor vs. sales cost, and make paying out commissions easy.

  • Labor vs. sales reporting: Run reports that track labor cost against sales by team member.

  • Activity log by team member: Track sensitive actions taken by your team — such as processed refunds, comps/voids, and discounts.

  • Advanced tip functionality: Use tip pooling features to equally divide each credit card tip across all tip-eligible team members clocked in at the time of the transaction or require team members to record cash tips when clocking out or switching roles.

  • You can pair team member badges to individual team members to add an additional layer of security to your account. Badges allow team members to log in to your point of sale based on their assigned permissions and clock in and out for a shift.

Your subscription to Team Plus comes with a 30-day free trial. After your 30-day trial, you’ll be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of the current month for each location using more than one role. Moving forward, Square will charge you $35 on the first of each month for every active location with an assigned team member.

Pause Subscription

You can also pause your subscription or unsubscribe at any time. Similar to a cancellation, each pause is managed per individual subscription. To pause or unsubscribe from your Team Plus subscription:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, visit Account & Settings

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Under Subscription Pricing, click Manage next to the appropriate subscription.

  4. Click Pause Subscription or Cancel Subscription.

When you pause your subscription, you’ll still have access to paid features for 30 days.

Note: You can pause for up to 3 months and unpause at any time. Any existing team members that have access to shared Team Permissions will continue to have the ability to clock in/out and use the Square app to take payments on your behalf. To learn more about pausing subscriptions, visit our Pause Subscription FAQ.

Downgrade Subscription

If you use Team Plus to manage your team members, but don’t need all of the paid features, you have the option to downgrade your subscription to the free tier of Team Management. To downgrade your subscription:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, visit Account & Settings

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Under Subscription Pricing, click Manage next to Team Plus.

  4. Select the Team Management option, free of cost.

If you are an account owner or a team member with full access permissions, you can choose to downgrade from Team Plus to the free tier of Team Management and your team members will automatically be reassigned to Team Permissions. If Team Permissions aren’t set up in your online Square Dashboard, you will have the option to set them up for your team members during the downgrade process.

If you are a team member that doesn’t have full access permissions, but you have the Manage and Subscribe to Services permission enabled, you will only have the option to pause or cancel your subscription.

Note: If downgrading your subscription changes team member access points (e.g. Mobile Point of Sale access vs. Shared Point of Sale access), you will be notified that an update to their team member profile is required. For example, if a team member who used Mobile Point of Sale gains access to Shared Point of Sale through reassignment to Team Permissions, you will be alerted to provide them with a 4-digit passcode. Downgrading your subscription will also remove access to the paid features of Square Shifts.

Learn more about managing your Square subscriptions and payment cards.

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