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Hardware Compatibility By Device

Square Hardware connects with printers, cash drawers, scanners and other accessories. See all accessories you can connect to Square Hardware >

Square Point of Sale is compatible with a wide variety of third-party hardware accessories. Depending on the device that you’re using for your Point of Sale, you’ll have different hardware options. Learn more below.

Connection Types


USB devices plug directly into the compatible device and generally offer reliable connections. If you’re using Square Stand, Square Register or Square Terminal, you can plug your USB accessory directly into the USB hub on the power cord.

For Android devices, you’ll need to connect through a USB OTG (On-The-Go) adaptor. Make sure that your Android device supports USB OTG or USB Host mode.


Ethernet devices plug into your router using an ethernet cable. Once connected to your router via the ethernet cable, your hardware accessories will connect to your device through the Wi-Fi connection.


Wi-Fi devices connect wirelessly to your router. Once connected to your Wi-Fi, your hardware accessories connect to your device through the shared Wi-Fi connection. Ensure that both your device and hardware accessories are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they are on different networks, the connection won’t be successful.


Bluetooth devices connect to your device wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection, which works best in proximity. Make sure your device and hardware accessories are all within 10 ft (3 metres) of each other.


Some cash drawers connect directly to a compatible receipt printer in order to open automatically. You can manually open your cash drawer with a key if it’s unplugged.

Receipt Printers

You can connect a thermal receipt printer to your Point of Sale to quickly provide your customers with a paper copy of their receipt to keep for their own records.

Kitchen Ticket Printers

Using an impact kitchen printer allows you to send tickets right to your bar or kitchen without worrying about heat destroying your receipts.

Cash Drawers

You can connect a cash drawer directly to your Point of Sale or through your receipt printer. When you connect a cash drawer, it will automatically open when you accept a cash payment, and you can take full advantage of Square’s cash drawer management features.

Barcode Scanners

If your inventory utilises barcode technology for tracking purposes, you can connect a barcode scanner directly to your Point of Sale. A barcode scanner allows your cashiers to quickly process items without having to scroll through your item library.


Connect a supported scale to Square Point of Sale to start selling your items by weight.
Please note this scale is not supported with Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants, Square Invoices and Square Appointments apps.

Other Accessories

In addition to printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners, the Square Point of Sale supports other accessory types to fit a variety of businesses.

Learn more about: Square Hardware

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