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Square Advanced Access Subscription & Pricing

Square Advanced Access, formerly known as Team Plus, has tools to give you greater confidence and control to manage your team through unlimited access levels, tracking and monitoring tools and team member insights. Some existing sellers may still have a Team Plus legacy plan, which includes scheduling and time-tracking features in addition to access features. This plan remains unchanged but is no longer offered to new sellers. 

With Square, you get the owner access level as well as the first permission set included, called Team permissions, to provide your team basic level access to your point of sale. Once you set up permissions, your team can take payments on your behalf without having access to any of your sensitive account information.

With Advanced Access, you can get greater security with unlimited custom permission sets, view activity log information by team member and view your team’s sales. You can also provide your team with physical team member badges as an alternative to passcodes for logging in, clocking in and out and providing permissions overrides.

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What’s Included?

Permissions and Access


Advanced Access


Unlimited custom permission sets

Team member badges


Auditing and Insights


Advanced Access

Activity Log


Team attribution on activity log events


Team sales report


Team Sales Report

Enabling team permissions allows you to track sales when team members use their four-digit passcode when processing sales. To view your team’s individual sales report:

  1. Visit the Reports tab from your online Square Dashboard and click Team Sales.

  2. Select the date period and location that you’d like to view.

  3. Click Filter By then tick Team Member (collected by).

  4. Click All Team Members to select individual team members.

Activity Log

The Activity Log in your online Square Dashboard allows you to monitor sensitive actions taken by your team, such as processed refunds, updates to item inventory, comps and voids, changes to tip settings and discounts.

You have free access to view the time and location of each action taken in your Square app and Square Virtual Terminal. By upgrading to Advanced Access, you’ll also be able to view and filter actions by team member. With this more granular reporting, you will be able to see which team members are issuing refunds, comps, discounts, updating inventory and voiding transactions.

Team Plus Legacy Subscription

Since June 2023, some subscribers have remained on a Team Plus legacy plan that includes access, scheduling and time-tracking features. There are currently no changes to this subscription. If you are on this plan, you will see the subscription reflected in your online Square Dashboard as Team Plus (legacy). If you opt out of the Team Plus legacy plan, you will not be able to return to this old plan and will need to subscribe to Advanced Access and Square Staff separately to regain usage of those features as this plan is no longer available.

Pause Subscription

You can also pause your subscription or unsubscribe at any time. Similar to a cancellation, each pause is managed per individual subscription. To pause or unsubscribe from your Team Plus subscription:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, visit Account & Settings

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Under Subscription Pricing, click Manage next to the appropriate subscription.

  4. Click Pause Subscription or Cancel Subscription.

When you pause your subscription, you’ll still have access to paid features for 30 days.

Note: You can pause for up to 3 months and unpause at any time. Any existing team members who have access to shared Team Permissions will continue to have the ability to clock in/out and use the Square app to take payments on your behalf. To learn more about pausing subscriptions, visit our Pause Subscription FAQ.


To unsubscribe from Advanced Access:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, visit Account & Settings.

  2. Click Business information > Pricing & Subscriptions.

  3. Under Subscription Pricing, click Manage next to Advanced Access.

If you’re an account owner, a designated authorized representative or a team member with full-access permissions, you can choose to unsubscribe from Advanced Access and your team members will automatically be reassigned to team permissions. If team permissions aren’t set up in your online Square Dashboard, you can set them up for your team when you unsubscribe.

If you are a team member who doesn’t have full access permissions, but you have the Manage and Subscribe to Services permission enabled, you will only have the option to pause or cancel your subscription.

Note: If unsubscribing changes team member access points (e.g. Mobile Point of Sale access vs. Shared Point of Sale access), you will be notified that an update to their team member profile is required. For example, if a team member who used Mobile Point of Sale gains access to Shared Point of Sale through reassignment to Team Permissions, you will be alerted to provide them with a 4-digit passcode.

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