Square Feedback

Private customer feedback you can work with.

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Send a digital receipt

With Square Register, customers can opt for a digital receipt (via email or text message) instead of a printed one.

Collect customer feedback

Square’s customer feedback system allows people to leave private feedback directly from their digital receipt.

Respond intelligently

Feedback is connected to your Customer Directory, which can help inform how you respond.

Track feedback

See customer feedback right from your Square Dashboard to better understand what’s working and what could be better.


Open a new, private line of communication.

Customers who opt for digital receipts can provide feedback and start a private conversation with your business. Know how people feel about your business without having to read their comments online.

Customer feedback welcome

Digital receipts make it easy for customers to leave private feedback any time. Use it to view employee performance across store locations or simply to enhance your own services.

A free, built-in support center for your business.

Our customer feedback system helps keep your customers happy and returning. You can view customer feedback and give timely responses right in your Dashboard.

Turn unhappy customers into loyal patrons

Use Feedback to refund customers who have had negative experiences. Resolve issues immediately and privately before they reach a public forum—so you can improve customer loyalty as well as your bottom line.

Keep your finger on the pulse—from anywhere.

Sign in at square.com to manage customer feedback and see how things are going at your business, no matter where you are.

See what’s working

Filter feedback by date and category to track the success of menu changes, staff hirings, and more. Seeing where you’ve improved over time can help you pinpoint your best decisions.

Send more informed responses.

With rich customer insights, you can see how often customers come in and how much they spend on average, so you can respond to their feedback more appropriately.


Customers can now connect with Square businesses after every transaction.

I love that Feedback enables me to have an open dialogue with my customers. It’s even better that it integrates into my Square Dashboard.

Liz Hawrylo, owner of Loving Cup


Private messaging with your customers
See who’s sending you feedback and messages
Deliver coupons through private Feedback responses
Email templates, campaign performance stats, automatic distribution list
Send marketing email
10¢ per email
Share promotions directly to Facebook
Upload and manage your customer list
Instant Profiles with Smart Groups
Customer purchase and activity history
Customer satisfaction statistics, new vs. returning customer performance, customer visit frequency statistics
Loyalty program insights, view and search loyalty transactions, view performance over time
Set up your loyalty program with custom punches and rewards
See detailed insights like performance over time
View and search loyalty transactions
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