Apple Pay and Square

Get a discounted reader, free processing, and a faster checkout.

Three quick steps to pay no processing fees on payments made with Apple Pay.

We’re partnering with our friends at Apple to offer certain sellers a discounted reader and $350 in credit for Apple Pay transactions.*

1. Order your Square Reader for contactless and chip (marketing kit included).

Contactless and chip reader

Get your fast, secure reader and dock for just $29 each—for a limited time.

Buy Reader and Dock
Marketing kit

Let your customers know they can pay with their iPhone.

Order your marketing kit

2. Set up your countertop.

Set up your marketing kit alongside your reader so your customers know your business accepts Apple Pay.

3. Snap a photo and send it to us.

Take a picture of your marketing kit set up next to your point of sale and submit it through your dashboard.

That’s it! Start processing Apple Pay transactions free.

Get up to $350 in transaction fees on the house for payments made with Apple Pay.

Why use Apple Pay?

Safe and secure

Every Apple Pay transaction uses a device specific number and unique transaction code, and never stores card numbers on your device or Apple servers. It’s a safer, more private way to pay.

Fast payments

Apple Pay is faster than chip cards. Customers simply hover their iPhone over Square Reader to pay.


Customers can pay with what’s already in their hand—their iPhone—so you can keep your line moving.

Start accepting Apple Pay free today.