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Running a business is always hard. But for business owners, 2020 has brought a whole new set of challenges. One thing we know for certain is that people are resilient and their stories need to be heard. And by listening, we can all feel a little more connected.

It’s scary man,
I’m not going
to lie to you.

Andrew Mora, Owner
El Juice Bar, San Antonio, TX

We’re so much stronger than if we were to stand on our own.

Chef Leilani Baugh, Owner
Roux & Vine
Oakland, CA

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There’s always peaks and valleys in our lives.

Letitia Hanke, CEO
ARS Roofing & Solar
Santa Rosa, CA

It took this
pandemic for
us to pivot.

Lauren Stovall, Marketing Director
Hot Sam’s Detroit, Detroit, MI

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Nate Hybl, Owner
Atlanta, GA

Make sure the community is taken care of.

Dr. Meena Barsoum
Impressive Smiles
Arlington Heights, IL

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