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Square Register Supported Integrations

While you can’t download and run third party apps directly onto Square Register, if you use an integration with third party apps you can still access all your data from your Square Dashboard.

Square Register and Retail

If you are using the Square for Retail app on Square Register, you’ll have access to both the in-app features and a full suite of features on your Square Dashboard. Note: The Square Retail App is supported on iPads running iOS 12.0 or higher andSquare Register.

Square Register and Appointments

You can sign into Square Appointments on Square Register once you have signed up for a Square Appointments account and are running version 4.22 or higher on your Register.

We currently support all of these third party app integrations from Square Dashboard:

Accounting and Tax Reporting

  • Xero

  • Shogo

  • Kashoo

  • OneUp

  • Hurdlr

  • TaxJar

  • ZohoBooks

  • Inventory

  • Shopventory

  • Dear

  • SKU IQ

  • Quickbooks

Reporting and Analytics


  • Control

Restaurant Management

  • Peachworks

  • MarketMan

  • Fresh KDS

Team Management

  • Deputy

  • Humanity

  • Homebase

  • When I Work

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