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A complete payments ecosystem

Square offers an end-to-end solution for every way you accept payments, with fast deposits and cutting-edge software and hardware that’s also affordable.

Take payments online securely

Square makes it simple to sell anywhere, with strong security and a system that makes PCI compliance easy.

Integrate with tools you already use

Square syncs with partner software to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Trusted by millions of businesses

Merchants around the world run their business with Square because it’s simple, powerful, and reliable.

Build with Square payments APIs.

Square lets developers build an ecosystem for businesses to seamlessly accept payments online, in store, or on the go. With our Square payments APIs (e-commerce API and point-of-sale API), you can create customizable solutions that work for any size business.

Getting started with APIs

View the documentation to see if Square APIs are the right solution for your business.

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Start building

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E-commerce API.

With our e-commerce API, you can take payments with Square on your own website.

Plug into Square’s platform

Get all the benefits of Square right on your site: fast deposits, Dashboard reporting, and help with handling chargebacks.

PCI compliance

Square’s e-commerce API makes PCI compliance easy; customer credit card information never touches your website, so you don’t need to worry or complete a single checklist.

Seamless integration

No need to fret about chasing down a payment or setting up your own billing system. Get paid quickly with Square’s billing system and subscription APIs.

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Point-of-sale API.

With our point-of-sale API, you can build your own app for powering in-store or mobile payments, no matter how big or small your business may be.

Best-in-class hardware

Square’s hardware is at the leading edge of speed, security, and affordability.

Easy integration for in-person payments

With less than ten lines of code, you’ll be ready to seamlessly integrate Square into your checkout process.

PCI compliance

Your app doesn’t have to handle any payments information, which makes PCI compliance a non-event.

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Other APIs.

Using Square for payments but need something custom? Try using one of these APIs to build your solution.

Item and inventory management

Upload, edit, and manage item catalogs and pricing. Integrate the products or services you sell with inventory management software.

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Sales reporting and analytics

Sync sales, refund, tax, and deposit information with any app or system. Utilize webhooks to get real-time updates.

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Employee management

Manage employee roles and permissions. Track their hours and shifts across locations.

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Other ways to connect to your customers and software.

Square connects seamlessly with an ever-growing list of apps to help with things like accounting and online ordering.

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