Square Team Management

Integrated tools built to manage your team.


Start managing your team quickly and securely.

Get your team up and running

It’s simple to add a new team member in Dashboard. Just put in their title, name, hourly or salary rate, and overtime exemption. With Team Plus you can add multiple wages for your team members.

One access level

Manage access to your POS and Dashboard, so you can decide what data your team sees and if they can give refunds or discounts.

Multiple access levels

Subscribe to Team Plus to create custom permission sets for different team members.

Let your team sell from anywhere

With permissions, you can allow team members to sell on their own device, or a device at another location, so they can make sales anywhere.


Create a schedule in minutes.

Create shifts

View your schedule in two ways: team view or job view. Once you have your shifts organized, you can save them to use later and quickly duplicate a schedule for the next week.

See the whole calendar

View all planned shifts by week to assign a job or an employee. A shift can be viewed weekly or daily to make changes.

View needs by team or by job

Plan which roles and responsibilities you will need each week, assign open shifts or create new ones, and review the hours assigned to each employee in your Dashboard.

View employee availability

Employees can add their availability via the Square Team App. Employers can quickly see availability and edit shifts according to their needs.

Let your team trade shifts via the Square Team App

Employees can search the schedule for another available employee or ask to take a different shift, and managers will be notified to approve any changes.

Let your team request schedule changes in the Square Team App

Team members can claim open shifts and request time off, which managers will then be notified to approve.


Keep track of your team’s time.

POS time tracking

Your team can clock in with a personal passcode at the register, or via the Square Team App if they’re working away from the POS, so you know who sold what.


Employees can see a summary of their workday from the POS, or sign in to the Square Team App to see more details and their past timecards and estimated earned wages.


Save time by giving your team better access.

Let your team see their information remotely

The Square Team App is a free mobile app to help manage and communicate with employees. Once they get started, employees can view their scheduled hours, estimated pay including tips and commissions, and timecards.

Let them stay up to date remotely

Employees can clock in and out, take breaks, request time off, and receive notifications about their shifts or schedule changes through the app. Schedules include the assigned job, location, and hours.

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See how your team and business are performing.

Team member sales reporting

Run reports to view sales by employee or by shift to see who is selling the most, and who could use some more coaching.

View employee activities

Monitor actions taken by individual team members through the Activity Log, such as refunds, discounts, and voided transactions. Filter by team member or action type to review activity at the POS.

Easily keep track of your team’s labor and sales data in one place

Save time, eliminate costly mistakes, and avoid manual data entry with automated tip pooling and commissions. It’s all tracked in your POS and syncs with the Square Dashboard. You can also customize commissions for each team member, so you can keep track and pull their data into your reports.

Labor vs. sales reporting

See how much you are selling vs. how much you’re paying out in labor costs, so you can improve your bottom line.


The essentials for managing your team are free with your Square Point of Sale. Upgrading to Team Plus gives you access to more advanced tools, like custom permissions, reporting, and more.

Have a lot of locations? Talk to our sales team about solutions for your team and your growing business.

Start managing your team today.

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