4 Tips to Prep Your Tech for the Holiday Season

This article was written by our friends at Fello.

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, and it’s even busier when you run a business. From making sure you have enough inventory stocked to managing employee schedules and an influx of customers, you don’t have time for things to go wrong or stop working. That’s why prepping your tech is essential.

After working with thousands of companies for over six years, we know what tech you need to keep your business running smoothly, especially when things get hectic. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success.

1. Update your software.

Many of the issues that people face with connectivity and a long lag time is due to outdated software. Make sure all your devices are running the latest versions of their operating systems. Find instructions on how to update your iOS device software here and Android software here.

By ensuring that it’s all systems go before you become overwhelmed with the holiday rush, you’re able to focus on other ways to make sure this is your best holiday season yet.

2. Back up your backups.

While you may have enough hardware to run your business efficiently on a day-to-day basis, we all know that the holiday season brings a flood of customer traffic that can max out your firepower and slow you down.

Don’t let a lack of hardware prevent you from making every sale possible. Before any of the holiday rush finds you in a bind, rent backup tech that can come in handy. By renting your tech instead of buying, you can easily handle the influx of business without the hefty investment of purchasing extra hardware.

3. Power to the people.

When holiday shoppers are converging on your business, it’s an exciting time, but if your internet connection isn’t dependable and strong, you may be missing out on everything from social posts about your products to, even worse, sales.

More people means more strain on your network, so boost your Wi-Fi connection by renting a powerful Cradle Router or devices already set up with reliable Verizon 4G LTE service. The faster your connection, the faster your sales. Whether you’re selling in your storefront, a parking lot, or a community center, don’t let a weak Wi-Fi connection slow you down.

4. Stay a step ahead.

Customer feedback is integral to your growth, but are you capturing feedback at every chance possible? You can request feedback through digital receipts with Square Point of Sale. If you want to gather different types of information, why not put together a survey via SurveyMonkey or GetFeedback and have an extra iPad + Stand to run a customer survey in your storefront. Then thank yourself next year when you have all the data you could imagine in preparation for 2019 holiday planning.

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