Exploring Today's Evolution Toward the Future of Payments [Free Tool]

Exploring today’s evolution toward the future of payments

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As consumers embrace new ways to pay, sellers are recognizing the ways to accept payments. From contactless payment options like mobile wallet payments to QR code payments, the future of payments is rapidly evolving. 

Customers are interacting with brands where it’s most convenient. Whether shoppers start their journey on your website, through social media, or discover it in person, they’re gravitating to more contactless options when it comes to checking out. Of shoppers surveyed in the Square Future of Commerce 2022 Report, 29% prefer contactless payment methods like mobile wallets, contactless kiosks, or QR code payments.

For business owners, an omnichannel strategy to reach their customers and support those sales with payments that accommodate a multitude of transaction types has become critical to growing their business.

Square has partnered with Retail Dive to bring you this playbook on navigating the future of payments.

What you'll gain:

An introduction to payments

From ensuring adequate security to PCI compliance, flexible payments systems can help you power commerce for your business. In this playbook, you’ll learn the definitions and costs associated with accepting different types of payments.

Insights from fellow business owners

Contactless payment use surged at the onset of the pandemic, and according to the Square Future of Commerce 2022 Report, 31% of consumers surveyed want those contactless options to stick around. Learn from business owners offering innovative payments methods to their clientele, and how COVID-19 reshaped their thinking around commerce.

A glimpse at the future of payments

Whether you are accepting online payments, point-of-sale payments, or remote payments, there are many solutions to choose from. We look at customer trends from recent Square research to share insights on what payment methods are growing in popularity.