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Square POS solutions are built to help you deliver great experiences, save time, and streamline business operations (not cause more headaches).

Why businesses choose Square over Micros.

When comparing Square to Micros, many businesses are drawn to Square’s reliability, ease of use, streamlined setup, and dedicated support. Say goodbye to confusing manuals, costly consulting projects, and system resets that interrupt your business.

A POS solution that works for you.

With Square it’s easy to get set up, train your staff, and empower them to take orders in minutes. Your payments and customer data sync to the cloud in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere. And we’re constantly updating our software so that you get the most reliable POS on the market, no technicians needed.

We’ve got you covered.

Focus on running your business - we’ll deal with the rest. Get direct access to our award-winning support team, so there’s always someone available if you need assistance. As the merchant of record, Square manages PCI compliance, investigates fraud, and responds to disputes on your behalf - no more chasing down the bank or extra chargeback fees.

All your tools, working together.

From retailers to restaurants and everything in between, Square offers a POS solution that serves your unique business needs. Customise your POS with all the tools you need to grow, with integrated payroll, online ordering, loyalty and more available at your fingertips — no costly integrations needed.

Always know what you’re paying for.

We believe in transparency — which means no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees. With Square you always know what you’re paying for, software updates are free, and you have the flexibility to opt in or out at any time based on your business needs.

How Square compares to Micros*

  Square Micros
Streamlined setup Getting started is as easy as downloading our app Requires costly custom implementation package and Oracle developers
Real-time software updates
Manual system resets that can disrupt your business
iOS device compatibility Works with your iPad or Android Device Micros tablets are proprietary and can’t be repurposed for any reason
Dispute and chargeback management
4G/LTE connectivity
Debit card PIN transactions
Integrated restaurant/retail tools like marketing, loyalty programs, CRM, and more Add what you need with a few clicks and manage it all with one Square account Requires costly custom implementations
Support included in your plan
Pay extra annual fees for support

*Competitive data on this page was collected as of July 21, 2022 and it is based on information found on micros.com. This information is subject to change or update without notice. Square does not make any representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this page.

Six things you can depend on with Square

Meet our POS solutions.

Square for Restaurants

The POS solution designed for restaurants of all sizes, from quick service to full service. Streamline operations and deliver great diner experiences with built-in support for menus, kitchen and table management, online ordering, pickup and delivery. Pay only when you take a payment.

Key Features

  • Conversational ordering
  • Integrated with top delivery partners
  • Take orders online, in line, tableside, through a delivery partner, or even on social channels
  • Restaurant and kitchen performance reporting
  • Integrated with top delivery and inventory partners


Starts at $0 per month with the Free plan, and includes all the essentials you need to run day-to-day restaurant operations.

Unlock advanced features with Plus, starting at $60/month per location.

Processing Rates
In-person and invoice payments
2.6% + 10¢ with the Free plan
2.6% +10¢ with the Plus plan

Online payments
2.9% + 30¢ with the Free or Plus plan

Square for Retail

A POS solution designed specifically for retail businesses. Get automatic inventory management, advanced reporting tools, and sales support that works in-store and online.

Key Features

  • Sell in-store and online
  • Sell on social channels
  • Multi-location fulfilment and returns
  • Track, order, and adjust stock
  • Set low stock alerts
  • Print bar code labels
  • Create purchase orders
  • Advanced inventory reporting (including COGS tracking)


Starts at $0 per month with the Free plan

Unlock advanced inventory features with Plus, available for $60 per month per location.

Processing Rates
In-person and invoice payments
2.6% + 10¢
with the Free plan
2.5% + 10¢ with the Plus plan

Online payments
2.9% + 30¢
with the Free or Plus plan

Create your free account today.

Best in class payment hardware.

Reliable hardware for every size and type of business no matter how big or small.

Square Terminal

Take payments, print receipts and run your business with a powerful and portable payment terminal.

$299 or $27/mo over 12 months*

Square Reader for contactless and chip

Take contactless payments anywhere with a card reader that pairs directly with your device.


Square Reader for magstripe

Accept payments anywhere using this magnetic stripe reader for swiping credit cards anywhere on your smartphone or tablet


Square Stand

Turn your iPad into a point-of-sale and take every kind of payment.

$149 or $14/mo over 12 months*

Square Register

Get an all in one POS register with a dedicated customer display that lets you start selling right out of the box.

$799 or $39/mo over 24 months*


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