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It’s all about experience

Consumer behavior is in a constant state of change. As technology evolves, consumers expect to get what they want, when and where they want it—with every interaction. And they want those interactions to be streamlined and customized.

Simply put, consumers value experience. And so do we.

Powerful data to optimize sales

Data is the currency of great commerce experiences. And integrated systems yield robust data and rich customer insights that support smarter strategies that fuel your business growth.

Our platform helps you connect the dots across all your customer touchpoints, understanding what, where, and when they are buying. It makes that data accessible and actionable, opening up a holistic view of your business and a wealth of possibilities.

Data: The Foundation for Omnichannel Commerce

Data is the linchpin of omnichannel commerce, serving as the basis for creating personalized shopping experiences that seamlessly transcend customer touchpoints.

“Guests can have an omnichannel experience with our brand now, whether they’re off premise ordering from a computer or on their mobile device. Placing a mobile order is easy and they can earn rewards for their purchases, just as they can in store.”

— Dan Simpson, CEO of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

The tools you need to innovate

Whatever your perfect solution is, we can partner with you to build it. Our platform lets you use Square applications or integrate with your current, custom-built solutions. It captures payments anywhere, provides reliable security, and helps manage your data, which can be sent back out through your preferred backend systems—unifying your front-end experience with your backend operations.

Managed Payments

Square is the merchant of record for every transaction, so we’re just as invested as you are when it comes to protecting you and your customers. We keep our payments stack scalable and secure, while letting you accept transactions from any channel.


Use Square hardware to take in-person, card-present payments. Square Register is our all-in-one countertop solution, while Square Stand works with tablets you might already have. We also offer a variety of readers for mobile fleets or line busting, buyer-facing displays, and custom kiosks.

Developer platform

Square provides developers with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, detailed documentation, and sample code that make it simple to learn and build on the Square platform.

Third-party partners and integrations

From accounting and eCommerce solutions to inventory and team management, Square works with apps for any need. Connect in just a few steps, sync your data, and manage apps right from your Square Dashboard.

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