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Sell everywhere with Square hardware

Take magstripe, chip card, and contactless payments with a Square Stand bundle. Use mobile readers to serve customers even faster.

Do better business

Create menu items, see detailed sales analytics, and manage your inventory with the free Square app.

Manage employees and locations

See which locations and employees are the busiest, so you can know how best to staff every booth.

Get onsite support

For select large-scale events, Square offers hardware deployment, installation, staff training, and project management.

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Square serves events of every size. We build systems that help festivals, sporting events, and concert tours deliver a better experience for sellers and patrons alike.

Beyond the point of sale.

Square keeps your business up, even if the signal goes down. Customers can order ahead to skip the line, and advanced sales and customer data give you insight into your business that can help you sell more and keep customers happy.

Offline Mode
Line busting
Real-time sales reports
Employee and Location Management
Customizable tips
Easy reconciling
Customer insights
Cash management
Technical support

Event Services

We offer a wide range of services for your event. Prices vary based on quantity and duration.

Hardware bundle

Rent five or more units from Square, get fast and reliable deposits, and take advantage of free, advanced sales reports.

Implementation bundle

In addition to securing hardware for your event, get help with installation, account setup, and training onsite.

Custom bundle

Square can work with your team to develop a system that is just right for any size festival, event, or venue.

Run your event with Square.

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