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Understand Improvements to Square for Restaurants

Who is this article for?
This article is for owners and staff using Square for Restaurants, covering everything you need to know about updates to the Square for Restaurants point of sale app.

Review the following updated features on your Square for Restaurants Point of Sale:


We’ve introduced an improved navigation system to the POS. 

  • The ever-present bottom navigation bar allows you to easily move between applets in the POS. 

  • Navigate to More to see all of the available applets and customise which ones appear in your navigation bar.


The Actions button is in the basket for easier access. 

  • You’ll find Actions at the top of the basket as a tab next to Bill

  • You can access all of the same actions as before.

Guest Tab

The Guest Tab is available to staff who are given the permission to view customers on the point of sale. To enable the right permissions for your staff, visit Team permissions on your Square Dashboard and make sure View Customer is toggled on. From here your staff can: 

  • Quickly search for customers and add them to the sale from within the cart.

  • View and add items from the customer’s last visit.

  • View loyalty status and apply rewards.

  • Read any feedback from your customers.

Menu grid

You can customise the menu grid on your point of sale to meet your needs. 

  • Add images to your item and category tiles.

  • Access more tile colour customisation (including full item tile colouring for increased clarity and order entry speed).

  • If you already have images added to your items, these will now appear on the POS grid. If you’d like to adjust these back to a solid colour, you can edit the tiles by going to your Square Online Dashboard > Menu > Edit POS Layout. From there, click on the tile and under the Background section, toggle from Image to Colour and select the colour.

Inventory management

Review changes to managing your inventory: 

  • Long tap on item tiles for quick actions, such as marking items as sold out.

  • Sold out items will be marked as unavailable on the item or variation tile.

Settle tips and other actions

Settle tips (on iPads only) and other action buttons can be accessed from both Floor Plans and Bills.

Floor plan 

Each section within your floor plan is labeled to ensure your staff can quickly review tables throughout the restaurant.

Next Steps

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