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What is a restaurant POS?

Payment processing, table management and inventory management are just the beginning. The best restaurant POS software gives you the power to connect the front and back of house and your back office while freeing you up to focus on the customer experience.

Why switch to Square?

Stop tolerating clunky, unreliable tools. Drop the pen and paper and simplify the way you run your business. With Square for Restaurants, get payment processing, menu management, online ordering and more.

  • Disconnect between back of house and front of house
  • Costly mistakes and irritated customers
  • Stressed-out staff
  • Mountains of paperwork
  • Hours spent on manual reconciliation
  • Juggling too many vendors

Out with the old

In with the new

  • Maximise your sales by making it easy to accept takeaway and delivery orders online.
  • Automatically balance the books with orders and payments on a single system.
  • Fulfil more orders faster with menus that are always in sync.
  • Train staff quickly on the easy-to-use POS.
  • Turn customers into raving fans with the complete data to give your restaurant the edge.
  • Remotely manage your menus, staff and more across multiple locations.

Join millions of other forward-thinking businesses worldwide that have the Square advantage.

Restaurant operators PD05515 - heart icon our restaurant tools.

  • ‘A really simple and effective system.’
  • ‘It has been seamless.’
  • ‘Easy to pivot to more online ordering.’
  • ‘It made our life easier!’
  • ‘Our rate of mistakes went down.’
  • ‘I love how user-friendly it is.’
  • ‘More time for other daily tasks.’
  • ‘Increased time tableside with customers.’
  • ‘Our tip rate increased.’

Quotes from actual Square restaurant merchants; your experience may vary.

Meet Ashley and Peter.
They found success mid-pandemic with Firebyrd.

Boost revenue

40%-50% increase in sales

Improve staff morale

Overall tipping volume up 7x on card transactions

How it started

Ashley and Peter met in Ashley’s hometown of Atlanta. As the relationship grew, they dreamed of bringing real Southern cooking to Peter’s home in Ireland. In 2020, the pair opened Firebyrd in Dublin’s beautiful Ranelagh village.

How it’s going

Tableside ordering for a better customer experience, discounts and rewards for regulars, easy staff scheduling, seamless connection between front of house and back of house: Ashley and Peter use Square for Restaurants to power every aspect of their business. They’ve leveraged the reliable platform to overcome big challenges and fuel growth – and as they expand into a larger space, they’re ready to take their partnership with Square to new heights.

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  • What is Square for Restaurants?

    Square for Restaurants is more than just a cloud-based POS system – it’s a business technology solution built for single and multi-location full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, bars, pubs and multi-concept restaurants. It’s the point of sale that works with almost everything you need for day-to-day service, including Square Online Ordering (taking orders on your restaurant website for no monthly fees or commissions; setting up delivery and click and collect) and Square Team Management (the tool to track your team’s hours, overtime and breaks while helping you save on labour costs), plus advanced features such as coursing, live sales reporting and 24/7 support. You’ve got the option to add handheld devices to your POS to reduce your customers’ waiting times and fulfil orders from anywhere in one place: your Square KDS. It’s easy to get started and even easier to train your staff with the intuitive tools that flow like your restaurant.

    The biggest benefit of using a cloud-based POS system rather than a traditional on-premises system is that it allows you to monitor and manage your operations from anywhere with an internet connection. You can manage your sales, inventory, menus and other aspects of your business remotely, giving you greater flexibility and convenience. Menu updates take seconds rather than hours or days, which keeps the front and back of house in sync. Cloud-based POS systems also eliminate the need for expensive upfront hardware purchases, like servers, and ongoing maintenance costs associated with traditional POS systems. And with Square, you can always count on continuous enhancements to the restaurant POS so you can operate with the latest features and security enhancements.

  • What’s involved in switching from my current solution to Square?

    If you’re a restaurant owner or manager who already uses restaurant management software such as Micros, Aloha, SumUp, Epos Now, Clover, Lightspeed or other POS providers or POS software, Square for Restaurants can fit your needs. You may find that Square is quicker, easier and more user-friendly. You can rely on Square for transparent pricing and easy-to-understand processing rates.

    Switching to Square is simple and fast. Start by creating an account and get access to the 30-day free trial of the Square for Restaurants Plus plan before selecting which plan is right for you. When you sign up, you can add your menu from a PDF, an online restaurant site or an online delivery platform partner such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. You can easily transfer your existing inventory with bulk intake importing. And if you need help, Square Support is here to help you with everything from migrating gift cards to on-site networking installation.

    Hardware is not included with your subscription. You can buy the devices that best fit the needs of your concept by visiting the Square Shop. You may be able to repurpose existing devices, including iPads, industry kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers and routers. Once you’ve set up your hardware, configure your POS in minutes to fit your style of service. Verify your identity, connect a bank account and get ready to take your first payment.

  • What’s the difference between Square for Restaurants and Square Point of Sale?

    Both Square for Restaurants and Square Point of Sale can help your food and beverage business, depending on your needs. Square for Restaurants is a comprehensive POS solution designed specifically for restaurant businesses like FSRs, QSRs and other advanced operations. It includes features such as table, course and item management, advanced reporting and live sales to help fulfil more orders faster. Businesses like coffee shops, bakeries and food vans that don’t require these features and want a solution for simpler operations choose Square Point of Sale.

  • What’s involved in switching to Square Restaurant POS?

    You can switch from Square Point of Sale to the Square for Restaurants Free or Square for Restaurants Plus plans by subscribing here. You’ll be able to use your existing features and setup. The only updates you might need will be for the added functionality that’s included with your Square for Restaurants plan.

  • How can I upgrade or downgrade my Square for Restaurants software subscription plan?

    You can get started with a 30-day free trial of Square for Restaurants Plus. After your 30-day free trial expires, you’ll be given the option in your Square Dashboard to either continue the Square for Restaurants Plus subscription for the standard subscription fee of €69 + VAT per month per location or downgrade to Square for Restaurants Free. If you choose to downgrade to the Square for Restaurants Free plan, you’ll still have access to basic functionality to take orders and payments. With the Square for Restaurants Plus plan, you’ll get access to more advanced functionality, like table management, coursing, live sales reporting and more. Compare plan features on the pricing page.

    You can upgrade from the Square for Restaurants Free plan to the Square for Restaurants Plus plan at any time. If you process more than €100,000 in credit card sales, contact our sales team for onboarding support.

    You can also choose the simpler Square Point of Sale, the POS with fewer restaurant-specific features.

  • How long will it take to get started with Square for Restaurants?

    Setup is simple, and you can get started on your own with the Square for Restaurants Free and Square for Restaurants Plus plans in minutes by creating a menu straight away. If you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support. To discuss a custom Square for Restaurants Premium plan, contact our sales team.

  • Does Square for Restaurants work without internet access?

    Square Restaurant POS requires an internet connection for normal operations. If you’re experiencing connectivity issues, you can enable offline payments¹ with Square hardware to keep taking payments for up to 24 hours. Additional terms apply.

    ¹Offline payments with Square Terminal and Square Register will be declined if you do not reconnect to the internet within 24 hours of taking your first offline payment. Square Reader and Square Stand let you process transactions through offline payments for up to 1 hour in a single session and will be declined if you do not reconnect to the internet within 24 hours of the start of your offline payment session.

    By enabling offline payments, you are responsible for any expired, declined or disputed payments accepted while offline. Square is unable to provide customer contact information for payments declined while offline. Contactless card payments and Square Gift Cards do not work with offline payments. Learn more about how to enable and use offline payments here.

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