Square for Restaurants

All-in-one restaurant POS system

Our restaurant point-of-sale system powers your speed and flexibility – whatever you’re serving.


Built to work together

Square for Restaurants is a cloud-based, easy-to-use solution that helps you save time, run your business and connect with customers.

Point of Sale

Our restaurant POS system is built for front of house, back of house and speed. From menu management to coursing, every tool helps your team move faster.

  • Optimise floor plans to turn more tables.
  • Use conversational modifiers to speed up ordering.
  • Repeat a round of drinks in a few taps.

Square KDS

A kitchen display that keeps your whole restaurant in sync.

  • Handle the rush and reduce costs with digital tickets.
  • Manage all your orders from one screen.
  • Optimise how and what you serve with ticket and station reporting.

Third-party software integration

Square for Restaurants syncs with popular restaurant management partners, including MarketMan, Deliverect and Deputy.


Shop restaurant-grade stations, the all-in-one Square Terminal, stand kits for your iPad-based POS, KDS and accessories. You’ll be ready for contactless hospitality for self-ordering and payments.

  • Restaurant POS systems designed for speed and durability in your kitchen.
  • Countertop and wall-mounted setups.
  • QR Code ordering for contactless ordering.

Online ordering

Take orders on your free restaurant website without commissions. Set up delivery, click and collect and self-serve ordering.

  • Easily import menu items and start selling right away.
  • Seamless order integration with Restaurant POS and Square KDS.
  • Control takeaway margins with in-house delivery fulfilment.

Order Manager

Manage all your Square Online and third-party delivery orders directly in your point of sale and Square KDS.

  • Consolidate online order reporting.
  • Skip manual order entry to reduce errors.
  • Automatically print or view kitchen tickets on Square KDS.


Payment processing your way. Accept all types of payments quickly and securely, whether you’re tableside, behind the counter, online or on the go.

  • Next-day transfers.
  • Same rate for all cards for in-person transactions.
  • No refund fees, no chargeback fees.
  • End-to-end encryption, PCI-compliant payments.

Team Management

Manage your chefs de partie, waiting staff, bartenders and everyone else, with an employee management tool that works for everyone.

  • Let your team clock in and out at your POS system.
  • Track team members’ hours, overtime and breaks.
  • View sales by team member.
  • Grant employees permission to issue refunds or discounts.

More tools to help you succeed

Your Square account unlocks a powerful platform of services and add-on tools that work together. Just a few:


Send estimates, invoices and automatic payment reminders. Track payments in real time.

eGift Cards

Boost sales and bring in new customers with eGift Cards.

Get started free

Fast setup. No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.

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  • Is Square for Restaurants right for my business?

    Square for Restaurants is a good fit for single and multi-location full-service restaurants, counter-service restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and ghost kitchens. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager using Micros, Vectron, JBM, Clover, Lightspeed, Epos Now or another POS system or POS software, Square for Restaurants can likely fit your needs at a lower cost. We now offer a free version of Square for Restaurants in addition to our paid plans as well as a standalone Kitchen Display System.

  • How much does Square for Restaurants cost?

    We have three pricing plans. Our Free plan covers basic day-to-day service. For more complex needs, our Plus plan is €69 per month per location with unlimited devices. Square KDS is included in our Plus plan at no additional charge. To get started with Premium, contact our sales team. Plus and Premium include a 30-day free trial. KDS is also available on its own for €15 + VAT per device.

    All Square for Restaurants plans have a processing rate of 1.75% + VAT. Custom pricing is available if you process more than €150,000 per year, contact sales to learn more. For more details on our plans, visit our pricing page.

  • What’s included in each of the three pricing plans?

    All three Square for Restaurants plans include Fast Order Entry, Menu Manager, Order Manager, Table Management, Open Bills, Service Charge, Remote Device Management, Multi-Location Management, the Square Team Management free plan and 09:00 to 17:00 local time support.

    With the Plus plan, you gain access to Square KDS and features including Close of Day Reports, Automatically Marking Items Unavailable, Item Counts, Shared Device Settings, Advanced Reporting, Live Sales Reports, Square Team Plus and 24/7 Support. Square KDS is also available on its own for €15 + VAT per device.

    Premium subscribers get everything listed above as well as custom pricing for additional Square tools, such as Square Online. Eligibility applies. Contact Sales to learn more.

    To see a complete list of features for each plan, visit our pricing page.

  • Is Square KDS included in Restaurants Plus?

    Yes, Square KDS is available with the Square for Restaurants Plus subscription (€69 + VAT per location per month) for no additional cost. If you want to use Square KDS without a Plus subscription, you can pay €15 + VAT per device.

  • Is hardware included?

    Hardware is not included with Square for Restaurants subscriptions, but you can compare the cost of compatible kits and devices to build an all-in-one package that suits your needs. We also work with iPad and industry kitchen printers, receipt printers, cash drawers and routers, so you can use your existing hardware as well.

  • How do I set up Square for Restaurants?

    You can sign up for the free version of Square for Restaurants or start a free 30-day trial of Square for Restaurants Plus here. Please note: You’ll need to use a computer to sign up. Setup is simple, and you can easily get started yourself with the Free and Plus plans. But if you need help, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support for sellers on our Plus/Premium plans and M-F 09:00 to 17:00 local time customer support for sellers on our Free plan. To discuss a custom Premium plan, contact our Sales team.

  • How do I switch from Square Point of Sale to a Restaurants plan?

    You can switch from Square Point of Sale to the Free or Plus Square for Restaurants plans by subscribing here. You’ll be able to utilise your existing features and setup. The only new setup will be for added functionality that’s included with your Restaurants plan.

  • How do I upgrade or downgrade my Square for Restaurants plan?

    You can upgrade from the Free restaurants plan to the Plus plan by subscribing to it here. You’ll be able to utilise all existing features and setup. The only new setup will be for the added functionality that’s included with your upgrade. After your 30-day free trial, you’ll be charged €69 + VAT per month per location. If you choose not to subscribe, you’ll be downgraded to the Free Restaurants plan, and you can continue to use the Restaurants POS system or choose to use Square Point of Sale.

    You’ll have the option to keep your Team Plus subscription. (If you cancel it, you’ll still be able to utilise the Team Management free plan features). You’ll see messaging in your Dashboard letting you know which features you’ll lose with the downgrade. You can see and compare plan features on our pricing page.

    To upgrade to the custom Premium plan, contact our sales team.