How Square boosted this Ranelagh Restaurant’s sales by 40% and seamlessly integrates with OpenTable

Firebyrd is a well-known restaurant in Ranelagh, loved for its hot sauce and American-inspired dishes. We sat down with Firebyrd’s owner Peter, to find out how they got started, and how Square is helping them streamline their restaurant operations and boost sales.

Bringing Authentic Southern Cooking Home.

Ashley & Peter met in Ashley’s hometown of Atlanta. They dreamed of bringing real Southern cooking to Peter’s home in Ireland. In 2020, Firebyrd was opened in the beautiful village of Ranelagh in Dublin.

“We pride ourselves in cooking every dish fresh everytime. We source local fresh ingredients and import the American classics to ensure we serve you real, fresh, authentic American Hot Chicken every time!”

“Despite opening our doors in 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic, we faced immense challenges,” Peter explained. “We did our best with takeaway services as there seemed to be no end in sight to the restrictions. They persisted for another year and a half. This was undoubtedly the most formidable hurdle we encountered during our establishment.”
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Their Transition to Square.

Drawing from past experiences in the United States where they used Square for their food business at festivals, Firebyrd made the strategic move to integrate Square into their restaurant in 2022. Peter explained their decision, saying, “Our prior positive experience with Square in a fast-paced festival environment made the transition to Square in 2022 an easy choice.”

Efficiency Amplified.

Having all dine-in and online orders synced from Square fo Restaurants POS to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) helped improve restaurant efficiencies. “The kitchen display system has significantly accelerated our operations. The efficiency it offers is great. Everything seamlessly integrates, just as we had envisioned.”

Square’s Team Management features allows Peter to save time, focusing on what’s important for the growth of the business. “From staff scheduling to team communication, the Square Teams app has been a game-changer. We’re saving a lot of time with features like instant time-off requests. It’s been a great asset.”

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Fueling Growth and Expansion.

Peter eagerly shared the fruits of their collaboration with Square, noting, “Since implementing Square, our sales have surged by 40% to 50%. We’ve just secured a new location in Dun Laoghaire, which we plan to open later this year. It’s a considerably larger space with a few strategic adjustments in mind. Our focus on authentic hot sauces, with over 300 unique varieties, sets us apart. And to add to the authenticity, our staff members are American.”

Reflecting on Square’s Loyalty programme, Peter remarked, “We introduced a loyalty system - buy 10 items, get 1 free. Surprisingly, we’ve witnessed a significant uptake. I was initially skeptical, considering our status as a small restaurant, but I now see the tangible benefits it brings.”

Seamless Integration and Future Prospects.

Peter shed light on their use of Square Online and their aspirations for integration with delivery services.

“We also have an online hot sauce shop, the integration between Square and WooCommerce has been absolutely seamless.”

Touching on the integration of OpenTable with Square Register, Peter added, “Our OpenTable integration with Square for Restaurants has been incredibly smooth. It streamlines everything, from menu updates to table management.”

In summary, Firebyrd’s partnership with Square has been instrumental in surmounting challenges and propelling their growth. Leveraging Square’s robust suite of tools, including an efficient point of sale system, loyalty program, and team management features, Firebyrd consistently delivers exceptional experiences to its customers. As they embark on their expansion journey into a larger space, Firebyrd remains confident that Square will steadfastly support their vision, paving the way for even greater success in the future.

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