Get your loyalty programme up and running in minutes.

Drive repeat sales with a customer rewards programme that integrates seamlessly with all sides of your business.

Customise quickly.

Choose whether customers earn points by visits, amount spent or items or categories purchased to help you reach specific business goals.

Enrol easily.

Customers can sign up at your point of sale, through your Square Online site, via Square Invoices and with a shareable signup link.

Engage automatically.

Transactional text notifications are automatically sent when a customer earns points or rewards, so your business stays top of mind.

Reward seamlessly.

It’s convenient for customers to redeem rewards in-store or online – and just as simple for your staff.

Keep customers engaged with your business.

Run promotions to bring customers back with bonus points. It’s easy to create limited-time or recurring promotions to boost loyalty engagement.

Card displaying the points system for loyalty.

Get to know your customers better with 360° data.

Rewarding for every kind of business

Customers enrolled in a Square Loyalty programme spend 53% more and visit 40% more often

Based on global Square Loyalty 2022 data.

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Connect your
third-party apps.

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‘Get Square Loyalty. Customers love earning points and customers keep on coming back.‘

— Dimeji Sadiq
Founder and Owner, Vegan Shack

‘The Square POS system made it really easy to leave a tip and to join the loyalty programme without anything extra like a card or an app.’

— Matt Walsh
Owner, Tender Cow

‘I use every aspect of Square as part of my business including loyalty, contracts appointments and online and it continues to get better and better.’

— Lois Williamson
Founder and Owner, Si Belle

‘There is a pretty clear correlation between our Square Loyalty programme and a significant increase in average ticket price and average revenue.’

— Thomas Warmath
CEO, La Barba

‘The Square Loyalty programme does a great job in keeping us connected with our customers. It keeps them motivated to come in again and again and make purchases.’

— Dieter Seelig
Owner, Craft + Carry

These businesses were fairly compensated by Square for their time.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Your monthly cost depends on two things: your number of store locations and the number of loyalty visits that month. A loyalty visit includes when a customer enrols in your programme, earns a loyalty point or redeems a reward. There are no long-term contracts required.

0–500 loyalty visits


per month, per location

501–1,500 loyalty visits


per month, per location

1,501+ loyalty visits


per month, per location

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Promote your loyalty programme with email marketing.

Square Loyalty integrates directly with Square Marketing so you can send engaging campaigns to keep your customers coming back.

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  • What is a customer loyalty programme?

    A customer loyalty programme is a digital loyalty rewards programme that will keep your customers coming back again and again, with incentives they earn from each purchase. They can redeem those points for in-store rewards of your choice, such as a pound amount off or a free item.

  • How do customer loyalty programmes work?

    Your customers earn points for every purchase they make – even when they use cash – from your Square Point of Sale app, Square Invoices or your Square Online site. Your customers can earn rewards per visit, per amount spent, per item or by category. Points are accumulated until the customer decides they want to redeem a reward.