How Soho Live Music Club tripled revenue and reimagined jazz for today’s generation of music lovers


From humble beginnings to becoming Soho’s hidden gem

Since opening its doors in 2013, Soho Live Music Club has served as a local favourite for live music and a refuge for rising musicians in London’s Soho district. What began as a monthly meet-up for jazz musicians out of a recording studio soon evolved into a fully operating music venue. Founder George Hudson didn’t just stop there. He expanded his vision to two more venues and hosts artist residencies. From the beginning, he imagined his jazz club for today’s generation where customers can explore new stages, attend pop-up events and discover emerging artists. Now on any night of the week, locals and out-of-towners alike can enjoy live music in an immersive setting with all the makings of a memorable night.


3 venues

including a jazz bar and a cocktail lounge


customers served every week


staff members supporting three venue locations

‘Our club has never been about a single stage. It’s about the artistic melting pot of Soho’.

— George Hudson
Founder, Soho Live Music Club

‘Being open and available to your community is really the way forward’.


Growing with a point of sale that’s reliable and easy to use

On any given week Soho Live Music Club can serve around 2,500 customers across its three venues: The Piano Bar Soho, The Boulevard and The Shed. They expect that number to increase to more than 6,500 once their new venue, Carnaby Street, opens later this year. With so many people coming in and out of their doors, Hudson needed a quick and dependable way to process payments.

Prior to switching to Square, Soho Live Music Club used an older POS system that was clunky and didn’t meet their operating needs. The business needed an integrated platform that could make taking payments effortless and handle its constant crowds. After switching to Square, Hudson opened two new music venues, allowing him to triple business revenue in three months.

Hudson chose Square Terminal for its easy setup process and flexibility. His staff was able to take mobile payments across three different bar areas and multiple floors all from one device — no extra hardware needed. Whenever a venue needed an additional Square Terminal, it was simple to purchase another one.

‘Square has helped us grow from one to multiple locations. It’s important to have a system that doesn’t let us down’.

— Hudson

Get a custom rate.

For businesses that process over £200K in annual card sales, we can apply custom prices to transaction fees and hardware.

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Reporting that turns business insights into business wins

Square Dashboard provides Hudson with real-time data about his business performance that he can access from his computer or phone. He can view a general summary of total sales or filter by a specific time frame, employee or venue.

This information is key in helping Hudson understand which shows to promote, what’s working and where the business can improve. The data is useful when planning shifts, managing inventory and pitching potential business investors. Managers also use Square Dashboard insights to keep an eye on sales throughout a shift to see what’s selling best and what isn’t.

‘Square reporting allows us to make business decisions about what to promote, what’s working and what to take away. It helps with managing inventory and staffing levels’.

– Hudson

Training staff in as little as five minutes.

Onboarding staff can be a challenge, but the intuitive hardware and point-of-sale software from Square makes it simple. It only takes a few minutes for Soho Live Music Club managers to train new staff on Square POS. This helps streamline their onboarding process and gives them more time to focus on running their shifts.

With Square Terminal, waiters can take wireless payments from multiple areas within a given venue. ‘Square Terminal is a lot less clunky than your traditional point-of-sale system. The fact that you can move with it makes it really handy,’ says General Manager Antonia Thompson. Customers can conveniently review their bills and pay from their seats with just a tap.

‘With training our employees to use Square, we give them 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of a shift, and by the end of it they’re good to go’.

– Hudson

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