Square for Stadiums & Sport Events

Make it a match to remember with Square.

Deliver a game-changing fan experience with enterprise payment solutions designed to power your whole venue from kickoff to the final whistle.

Over £200,000 in annual sales?

Powerful, crowd pleasing solutions and tools from Square.

Team up with payment hardware that’s fast, reliable and secure.

With separate seller and buyer-facing displays, Square Register has the integrated hardware and software to enable smoother, faster payment experiences for employees and fans alike.

✔️ Integrated POS software & hardware
✔️ Accept all major debit and credit cards
✔️ No hidden fees
✔️ 24/7 support

Streamlined end-to-end commerce and operating software.

Integrated Square software solutions including Point of Sale and Team Management offer rich data and sales insights in real-time, enabling stadium managers to better understand trends.

✔️ Free POS software
✔️ Team management software
✔️ Online ordering & QR capability
✔️ Kitchen display system

Level the playing field with API and third-party integrations.

Square’s APIs enable operators to integrate Square into any front-end fan experience or back-end data system, working seamlessly with any enterprise architecture.

✔️ Over 25+ API integrations including Payments, Orders, Team and many more
✔️ Connect with 100+ third party applications
✔️ Secure and PCI compliant

Learn more about how Square partnered with the largest NFL stadium in the USA to power their omnichannel and contact-free commerce experience.

Sleek, fast payment hardware for your home stadium.

Keep queues moving with reliable and secure hardware for all types of sports events, no matter how big or small.

Square Reader

Take contactless and chip + PIN payments anywhere with a card reader that pairs directly with your mobile device.

Square Terminal

Take payments, print receipts and run your business with a powerful, smart and portable card machine.

Square Register

Get an all-in-one till system with a dedicated customer display and built-in POS software that lets you start selling straight out of the box.

Square Stand

Turn your iPad into a professional point of sale and take every kind of payment.

Need more than just payment processing? Square’s got you covered.

✔️ Retail POS software

✔️ API integration capability

✔️ Inventory management software

✔️ Loyalty & marketing software

✔️ Online store builder

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