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Square Customer Directory

What is a Customer Directory?

Square’s Customer Directory is a free customer relationship management, or CRM, software that’s built into your Square payment tools. Store your customers’ information if you have consent to do so, view how they interact with your business and engage with them – all in one place.

Get to know all your customers better.

Opt to instantly generate a customer profile each time you take a sale from customers who give you contact details like name, email address and phone number.

Treat every customer like a VIP
Easily track every purchase across any sales channel, pull up favourite items, respond to feedback and more, so your customers’ preferences are always at your fingertips.

  • Instant customer profiles
  • Purchase history tracking
  • Integrated with all Square products

Turn customer insights into customer solutions.

Dive into your customer data with powerful filtering and segmentation features that help you understand their purchasing habits. Keep track of loyal and lapsed customers so you know who’s coming back and why.

Listen to your customers in real time
View customer feedback in real time so you can make business decisions that serve them best.

  • Filtering and audience segmentation
  • Insight and reporting tools
  • Customer feedback

Keep your customers coming back for more.

Use Directory to send personalised email campaigns based on customer shopping behaviours. You can also reward your customers with automated discounts or create a loyalty programme straight from your POS.

Stand out from the rest with better customer service
Stay on top of customer service with smart groups that organise your customers based on their order status, outstanding invoices and more.

  • Square Loyalty and Square Marketing integration
  • Automated discounting
  • Smart groups

Keep your data in sync with Customers API.

Square’s API platform makes it easy to connect your customer data to third-party apps and business tools you already use and to power other apps in the App Marketplace.

Explore Square’s integrated API platform

Square Customer Directory is free.

Start making every customer experience memorable. Customer Directory comes free with your Square account so you can start using it right away.

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