Square for Festivals & Events

Power your entire event with Square.

Whether you’re putting on a festival for thousands or running your first pop-up event, Square is there to help power your payments whatever the occasion is.

Over £200,000 in annual sales?

See how Square can power all kinds of experiences.

Markets and pop-ups businesses.

Set up payments for your market stall or temporary pop-up business with our portable and powerful all-in-one Square Terminal.

✔️ Farmers, vintage and flea markets
✔️ Food and drink pop up events
✔️ Seasonal and holiday markets

Festivals, music venues and concerts.

Reliable event payment processing for your busy food and drink points, merchandise stands and selling those last minute at-the-door tickets .

✔️ Music festivals
✔️ Cultural and community events
✔️ Concert and entertainment venues

Conventions and trade shows.

Marketing and accepting payments for your products and services at trade shows and conventions has never been easier with Square.

✔️ Conventions and trade shows
✔️ Exhibition shows
✔️ Fundraising and charity events

Sleek, fast payment hardware for your event.

Reliable and secure hardware for all types of events no matter how big or small.

Square Reader

Take contactless and chip + PIN payments anywhere with a card reader that pairs directly with your mobile device.

Square Terminal

Take payments, print receipts and run your business with a powerful, smart and portable card machine.

Square Register

Get an all-in-one till system with a dedicated customer display and built-in POS software that lets you start selling straight out of the box.

Square Stand

Turn your iPad into a professional point of sale and take every kind of payment.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival x Square

Need more than just payment processing? Square’s got you covered.

✔️ Retail POS software
✔️ API integration capability
✔️ Team management software
✔️ Kitchen display system
✔️ Online store builder

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  • Can I run festival pop-ups with Square?

    If you’re running a pop-up at a festival, you’ll be able to use Square POS software and hardware to take chip and PIN, contactless and digital wallet payments on-site. What’s more, the Square cloud-based infrastructure allows managers to see reports from connected POS devices in real time.

  • How can Square help festivals run smoothly?

    There are a few things that Square can do to help festivals run smoothly. These include real-time inventory management with alerts when stock levels get low, QR code ordering at tables for customer convenience and faster table service, and hassle-free contactless payments to keep queues moving quickly. Robust reporting allows festival management to identify popular stalls and products as well as peak times, while discounts can be implemented instantly to help shift food and drink stock quickly and reduce waste. And with transparent fees, no hidden costs and no monthly charges, Square is also highly conducive to efficient cash flow.

  • Can Square accept offline payments?

    No signal? No problem. With Square Register and Square Terminal, users can take offline payments in areas where internet reception is poor or even completely unavailable. Once offline mode is enabled, it will activate automatically whenever there is no internet connection available. When reconnected, these POS devices will then upload and sync data to the cloud to ensure accurate and up-to-date reporting and accounting as quickly as possible.

  • Can I adjust permissions for casual team members with Square?

    Businesses often take on casual staff for festivals and may wish to limit permissions for these non-permanent team members for added simplicity and security. This is made simple by Square’s highly customisable permissions that enable users to change permissions for different team members and even log team members in and out with a few simple taps of a touchscreen.

  • How does Square Reader connect to my devices?

    When bringing services to festivals in rural locations, brands may be anxious about connectivity and chargeability issues. Those using Square Reader may wonder whether it connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and what implications these have for connectivity and battery life. Square Reader (2nd generation) connects to mobile devices via low-energy Bluetooth which uses between 0.01 and 0.5 Watts.

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