Square Team Management

The comprehensive team software solution for managing your employees.

Schedule and manage your team – from your point of sale.

Improve workflow for you and your team.

  • Empower your team with custom permissions.
  • Easily create and publish shift schedules.
  • Keep track of your team’s hours at a glance.
  • Automate your team's tip pooling process if you take them.
  • Assign your team commission rates for services and sales.
  • Let your team request time off, with your approval.
  • Make better business decisions with real-time reports.
  • Essentials are free. Upgrading to Team Plus is just £20 a month/location.

Easy for you

Set rotas in minutes and manage time off or shift swap requests. Easily customise access for your team, view performance and sales analytics in real time. You can also automate tip and commission calculations.

Easy for your team

Onboarding your staff is simple, and they can clock in and out at the register or in the Square Team App. They can view and adjust their schedules, request time off and see timecards, hours worked, tips and commissions, earned and estimated pay – all in the mobile app.

An integrated software solution that makes management more manageable.

Scheduling software that works for everyone.

Create and publish shifts

Assign work schedules in no time with our employee scheduling software and send them out via the mobile app or email. And you can copy previous shift schedules to avoid starting from scratch each week.

Plus Accommodate last-minute changes

Plans can get complicated for any company, so we’ve made it simple for team members to pick up open shifts, swap shifts and request time off with your approval.

Protect your business and empower your team.

Permissions for your whole team

You can give the same level of access to your staff, so everyone can run your POS.

Plus Create multiple levels of access

Customise different levels of access for different jobs. That way your cashier and your manager only get access to the parts of your Point of Sale system and Dashboard they need.

Time tracking for your team.

Create accurate timecards with a click

Your team members’ time is all tracked (including paid and unpaid breaks), and overtime is automatically calculated.

Plus Save on labour costs and pay multiple wages

Prevent employees from clocking in early or for unscheduled shifts. Timecards report scheduled vs. actual hours, flagging any discrepancy for your review. You can also pay different wages to an employee who works different jobs.

Run your business better with analytics.

Valuable insights at your fingertips

See real-time data (like sales numbers) that can help you make the best decisions to help with your team’s productivity and improve your business.

Plus Improve staffing, boost sales and reduce the potential for losses

See which employees are selling the most, and who needs a little coaching. See your labour vs. sales charts to make sure you’re open at the right times, and monitor sensitive actions with an advanced activity log.

Learn more about Team Management features.


The essentials for managing your team are free with your Square Point of Sale. Upgrading to Team Plus gives you access to more advanced tools, like custom permissions, reporting and more.

Start managing your team today.

It’s simple, powerful and has everything you need.


What makes Square’s Team Management software different?
Because it is integrated with the Square Point of Sale system, employee scheduling and management is simple. No third-party fees or passwords or integration problems. It saves time for you, HR (which could also be you) and your staff.

Is the Square Team App free?
Yes! The Square Team App essential version is available free in the App Store and Google Play. Upgrading to Team Plus is just £20 a month/location.

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How do I assign shifts?
It’s simple to select either an employee or a role and add in hours and dates on the schedule. Employees can also ask for specific shifts or swap shifts, with your approval. This minimises project management and gives you more time back.

Can an employee change the schedule?
No, they can ask for a different shift or to pick up available shifts, but their requests need to be approved by management.