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Square Invoices

Invoices, estimates, payments – all in one free app.

Square Invoices

Effortlessly send professional invoices and estimates free

  • Create custom invoices
  • Send detailed estimates
  • Accept payments online
  • Save card information securely
  • Track invoices and payment statuses
  • Set automatic payment reminders
  • Add attachments and receipts
  • Schedule recurring invoices
  • Pay no monthly fees

Download the Square Invoices app

Send and manage your invoices from anywhere.

Simplify your invoicing now

Quickly and easily create, send and track invoices from the Square Invoices app, your desktop or Square Point of Sale, for free.

Invoicing in three simple steps

Create and send invoices in seconds with our software. Just enter your customer’s email, enter the payment amount and hit send.

Accept any kind of payment

Accept card payments online and in person for a flat fee, or accept cash and cheques free.

For all your billing needs

Square Invoices works for one-time billing, repeat clients and recurring charges. Customers can authorise Square to securely save their payment cards on file.

Build trust and look like a pro

Design professional-looking invoices, track their status and give customers a free, convenient and secure way to pay.

Custom invoices for your business

Upload your logo and choose a colour scheme that suits your business. Add attachments and personalised messages—all in just a few easy steps with our invoicing software.

Use estimates to book your next job

Provide clients with estimates they can approve in a click. Then convert your estimates to invoices, and watch your business grow with more new clients.

Easy for customers to pay

However your customers want to pay their invoices, it’s simple for them to do it online or in person, absolutely free.

Request deposit payments to keep your business moving with a healthy cash flow.

‘It used to take 7–10 days to get paid. Now we get paid the same day with Square Invoices.’


Never miss a payment

Improve efficiency and stop chasing down payments with invoice tracking and automated reminders.

Clear and transparent tracking

Check the status of invoices and payments wherever you are. See instantly which have been viewed and paid, and which customers need a reminder.

Automatic payment reminders

Easily set automatic payment reminders before, on or after due dates. Or send one-time reminders as needed.

Square Invoices has everything you love about Square

Secure payments

Keep data safe from end to end and stay protected from fraud, chargebacks and more.

Transparent pricing

Free setup, no monthly fees and no long-term contracts. Accept all major cards and only pay for processing.

On-demand analytics

Run real-time reports anytime, from any device, so you can see how your business is doing.

Fast deposits

Keep your cash flow steady. See money in your account as soon as the next business day.

‘We can send the client an invoice right from a tablet on-site. So as soon as the job is done, the client will have the invoice and can pay online. It puts us ahead of the competition.’

James, Boston Home Inspectors

Over $10 billion paid with Square Invoices.

Always free to send

Only pay for processing when you accept card payments. There are no monthly fees or fees via BACs or cash.


Per month


Per invoice paid online

Pay 2.5% per saved card payment when customers authorise Square to keep their card on file.
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