Why Square

Why Square?

Helping every size of business succeed.


Our story starts with you.

Square was established to give every business owner an easier way to take card payments. We’ve built a lot more tools since. From small projects to large companies, we help businesses of all sizes and types succeed on their own terms.

Run it your way.

It’s your business – so you should be able to run and grow it with tools that serve you, not the other way around. Our products are flexible and ready to take on nearly any job.

Built-in payments

A powerful iPad POS with a built-in card reader and 180° swivel.

Payments on-the-go

A handheld, all-in-one payments device that frees you from the counter.

Inventory management

Sync your online store, count stock with your phone and manage inventory across locations.

Scheduling and wages

Schedule shifts and manage your employees directly from your POS.

Curated customer info

Keep track of client details so you can make tailored recommendations.

Have the freedom to choose.

You’re never locked in to using only Square solutions. We work seamlessly with third-party technologies to streamline the way you like to work and save you time. Plus, you only ever pay for what you need.

Look and feel like a pro.

We design and build our tools so you can run your business with a customisable website and sleek devices that look and feel good. It makes it easy for your team and your customers, too.

Manage it all, all from one place.

Whether you’re online, in-store or both, our intuitive Dashboard puts all your business data in one place. From real-time reports to customer contacts, you have everything at your fingertips to make informed business decisions and plan for the future with confidence.

See why businesses of all sizes succeed with Square.

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