Square KDS

An efficient kitchen display system you can rely on. Organise and fulfil orders from anywhere, in one affordable solution.

Starting at €15 + VAT per device

No matter what’s cooking, efficiency matters.

Keep orders synced with a direct link between front and back of house.

Customise ticket layouts, timers and notifications to fit your kitchen’s unique setup.

Speed up operations with reports that give you insights on prep times and more.

Display orders from anywhere, on one screen.

Whether you take orders through POS, Square Online site or delivery apps like Deliverect, everything is sent to and fulfilled directly from the kitchen.

Fulfil orders accurately, every time.

  • Prioritise and organise orders with detailed ticket views, timers and alerts.
  • Send orders to the right prep stations to help boost order accuracy.
  • Oversee order fulfilment and completion with Expeditor Mode.

Tailored to how your kitchen works.

Designed for flexibility, Square KDS works with your kitchen setup and processes to get the job done.

  • Online orders
  • Prep station
  • Expeditor station
  • Multiple stations

Built for your bottom line.

Easy to set up in minutes, with no installation costs. Spend less time training your staff and more time getting orders out.

“It’s incredible. Sometimes staff would have to memorise six orders. It’s especially harder for new people and it can get very stressful.”

—One Kinda Folk in Dublin, Ireland

Square KDS

€15+ VAT Per month per device.
Free for 30 days. Square for Restaurants Free included.

Multiple devices?

Add unlimited KDS devices when you sign up for Square for Restaurants Plus and unlock all the features of our POS.


  • What is Square KDS?

    Square KDS is a Kitchen Display System that allows you to view, track and fulfil orders via digital tickets in your back of house, replacing traditional paper tickets and kitchen printers.

  • How much does Square KDS cost and what comes included?

    After a 30 day free trial, Square KDS is €15 + VAT per month per device.

    Square KDS is part of Square for Restaurants, and is compatible with Restaurants POS, Square POS and Square Online.

  • What if I need multiple KDS stations?

    For customers who need multiple KDS stations together with a more advanced point of sale, we recommend the Square for Restaurants Plus plan, which offers unlimited KDS devices together with advanced POS features, Team Plus for unlimited employees and 24/7 Support.

    Square for Restaurants Plus comes with a 30-day free trial.