Square for Restaurants

Kitchen Display System

Tablet with KDS

Run your kitchen more efficiently. Available with Square for Restaurants Plus plan.

Efficiency matters in every kitchen—no matter what’s cooking

  • See all your orders on one KDS screen, wherever they’re placed.
  • Improve communication with a direct line between front and back of house.
  • Serve food exactly right the first time with reliable tickets and timers.

Tailored to how your kitchen works

Designed for flexibility, Square KDS works with whatever setup and processes your kitchen has to get the job done.

Single Station

Simply connect your kitchen display to the rest of your restaurant with Square for Restaurants POS.

Multiple Stations

Streamline your kitchen workflow by routing dishes to selected stations. Your salads get sent to the cold station and your pastas straight to the hot station.

Online Orders

Increase your efficiency by sending online orders right to the kitchen with our Kitchen Display System.

Understand your kitchen

Gain insight into station performance and improve bottlenecks with kitchen performance reports.

  • See how your kitchen stations are performing
  • Optimise staffing decisions based on ticket completion times
  • Compare fulfillment speeds between services

Creates a paperless, wireless and efficient kitchen, no cables, no troubles!

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