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From deeper data to better customer relationships, Square is shaping the future of big business.

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Why larger businesses choose Square:

  • Future-focussed, connected tools
  • PCI compliance and risk management
  • Enhanced, user-friendly experience
  • Customer insight and communication
  • Easy launch and maintenance
  • Customised processing rates and no hidden fees

“We can just go on our phones and we can see performance across thirty locations. We know which products are working and not working in real time. It allows us to scale with the same attention to detail that we could have when we had one store.”

Nic Pestalozzi, Co-founder, Fishbowl

Everything you do, working in unison.

Payments, customers, staff – they’re all connected with Square. Add more to your business or scale back where you need to, so you can focus on shaping the bigger picture.

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“I was very impressed with how user-friendly the system was. One standout tool is the live reporting which allows us to control our business in real time and monitor every single aspect of it on the go.”

Executive Chef Alejandro Saravia, Farmer’s Daughters

An open platform you can make your own.

As your needs change, your tools should keep up. Connect to prebuilt integrations or build your own experiences using our APIs.

Whatever your business, Square has the tools to help.

Restaurants. Retail. Professional services. Salons. And more. We help big businesses reach bigger goals.

Fishbowl and Square

30+ locations in Australia. 600,000+ transactions annually. Fishbowl uses Square Point of Sale, Register, Kitchen Display System and more.

“When it comes to using Square, it’s one of those things that the more you familiarise yourself with it, the more you realise there’s a lot of information that you can actually extract from it. To me, it’s the pulse of the business.”

– Nic Pestalozzi, Co-founder, Fishbowl

Customise your pricing.

We’ll work with you to find the best rate structure for your payment volume, average transaction size and other business needs.

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