Enterprise payments built for large businesses.

Take any payment anywhere with products and services engineered for security and seamless integration, so you can manage your sales all in one place.

Reach customers where they are with flexible payment solutions.


Take payments in person, online, remote, or manually keyed in.

Our products and services are adaptable to your business and the unique way you run it. Never miss a sale, whether it’s through a POS, a website, an app, a kiosk, an invoice, a checkout link – you get the picture.

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Accept every major card with peace of mind.

Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, rewards cards, mobile wallets, EFTPOS, Afterpay, international cards and more. Process card-present and card-not-present transactions at high volumes with ease.

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Sync your business seamlessly with our APIs and SDKs.

Whether you use a Square POS or your own, you can integrate data with Square products to take and manage payments.

Payments fit for:

Cater to shoppers in person, online or on the go. Take returns at any time. Have peace of mind knowing data is secure.

Large retailers use:

  • Square Register
  • Square for Retail
  • Afterpay
  • Terminal API
  • eCommerce integrations: Woo, Magento, or custom CMS
  • Payments API

Get paid on time for your services. Do it while you’re in-field, online, in the office or on the phone.

Larger service providers use:

  • Square POS App
  • Square Reader
  • Square Payments API
  • Square Invoices
  • Square Virtual Terminal

Keep a card on file to hold appointments, request a prepayment for services or charge cancellation fees. All your sales are integrated in your POS.

Large health & beauty providers use:

  • Square Appointments
  • Square Stand
  • Square Register
  • Afterpay

Accept payments quickly, whether you’re tableside, behind the counter, online or on the go. Let customers self-serve and order in person or through social channels.

Large restaurants use:

  • Square Register
  • Square for Restaurants
  • Square Online

Save time and improve your client experience with tools that provide digital estimates, manage availability and analyse customer data.

Larger service providers use:

  • Square Invoices
  • Square Appointments
  • Square Estimates
  • Customer Directory

Take payments quickly and securely – at your venue, during a sports event – thanks to standalone hardware or secure APIs.

Larger service providers use:

  • Square Register
  • Square Stand
  • Square Payments API
  • Square Point of Sale

Safeguard your payments from the start.

Learn more about secure payments


Consider your PCI compliance covered.

Credit and debit card issuers require Australian businesses to follow a series of security guidelines called PCI compliance. Square products are compliant so you don’t have to pay extra for data security.


Data encryption and monitoring that runs 24/7.

Payments are encrypted with proprietary software, which ensures unencrypted payment data never touches your device or application.


Hardware and software you can rely on.

We dedicate teams to implement security best practices at each step of the journey, from software and hardware development, to the factory supply chain and beyond.


Robust account protection.

We have many layers of defence designed to keep hackers out of our systems, like 2-step verification. We’ll also monitor your login activity so we can block suspicious logins.

Sync every side of your business.

Accept payments. Create and track orders. Manage your product catalogue. Build customer loyalty. Our third-party apps and integrations allow you to connect your workflow and your data.

Gain deeper insights with the Square App Marketplace.

Pair omnichannel enterprise payments with the apps in our marketplace. Enhance eCommerce operations, supply chain management, and accounting in the process.

Make our open platform your own.

Connect your app or website to our safeguarded, PCI-compliant platform to accept payments. Our tools can integrate with enterprise systems for added efficiency. Consider linking Orders API to an ERP, for example.


We’re here to help your business every step of the way. Experienced consultants will guide you from your first call with sales, through onboarding and every time you reach out for support.

Custom pricing for your business

We’ll work with you to find the best rate structure for your payment volume, average transaction size and other business needs.

Strengthen your business with enterprise payment processing.

Take payments securely. Reach customers anywhere.
Integrate with a powerful payments platform.