Your team’s time – streamlined

Get rostering, time tracking, payroll prep and sales all together. So you can spend less time managing your team and more time growing your business.

Square Shifts works with your Square POS and Square Dashboard, helps you optimise labour costs, simplifies payday and empowers your team.

Built for you

  • Roster and shift management
  • Time tracking and attendance
  • Labour cost reporting
  • Payroll prep and compensation management

Made for your team

  • Time-off requests
  • Shift swapping
  • Tips and commission management
  • Automatic timecards

Built to grow with your business

Have questions?

Get answers about the features and benefits of Square Shifts for your business.

  • How much does Square Shifts cost?

    Square Shifts offers two tiers – Shifts Free and Shifts Plus. Shifts Free offers basic Shifts features and is free for up to five team members, including account owners. You can get more advanced Shifts features with Shifts Plus. Shifts Plus starts at $5 AUD per team member (including the account owner), per month. Subscribers to Shifts Plus will be charged for a minimum of two team members.

  • What makes Square Shifts great?

    Square Shifts integrates directly with Square Point of Sale. This unified ecosystem fosters harmony in your workplace with easier access and simplified daily tasks. Whether you build a roster or your team swaps shifts, everyone saves time.

  • When can I change my plan?

    Plans are not prorated, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time. Only pay your current subscription at the end of the month.

  • How can Square Shifts save me money?

    Square Shifts helps you understand how your business is doing by providing real-time attendance, shift and sales reports. You can use these numbers to optimise labour costs and fine-tune staffing for every day of the week.