Square Team Management

The all-in-one software solution for managing your team.

Manage your team while optimizing your business — all from your point of sale.

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Improve workflow for you and your team

  • Empower and manage your team with unlimited custom permissions.
  • Make better business decisions with real-time, per-employee sales and activity reporting.
  • Essentials are free. Team Plus is just $35 per month, per location.

Easy for you

Easily customise access for your team, view performance and sales analytics in real time.

Easy for your team

Onboarding your staff is simple. Thanks to custom permission sets that you create and assign, your team will have the right access to be able to contribute more confidently.

An integrated software solution that makes management more manageable

Protect your business and empower your team

Permissions for your whole team

Get started for free with one level of access for your team, so everyone can clock in and out, adjust items, make sales or process refunds on your POS.

Create multiple levels of access.

Customise different levels of access for different jobs. That way, your cashier and your manager only get access to the parts of your point of sale and Square Dashboard they need.

Integrate seamlessly with labour features.

When you use Team Plus and Square Shifts Plus together, you can track each team member’s time, sales and activity through reports and the Activity Log. Employees can access methods configured through Team Plus for time tracking and for clocking in and out at the point of sale.

Run your business better with analytics

Improve staffing, boost sales and reduce the potential for losses.

See team sales reports with employee attribution and monitor sensitive actions with an advanced activity log.

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The essentials for managing your team are free with your Square Point of Sale. Upgrading to Team Plus gives you access to more advanced tools, such as custom permissions, team member badges, reporting with employee attribution and more.

Have multiple locations? Talk to our sales team about solutions for your team and your growing business.


What makes Square Team Management software different?

Square Team Management integrates with the Square Point of Sale to make management simple. No third-party fees, passwords or integration problems. It saves time for you, your staff and HR (which could also be you).

Is there a limit to the number of team members?

No. Square Team Management is free no matter how many people you bring on staff. Team Plus is just $35 per month, per location.

Can I use Square Team Management with Square Shifts?

Yes, we recommend it. When you assign passcodes to team members in Square Team Management, they can use their access method to clock in and out at the point of sale. Then you can track each team member’s time, sales and activity with member-specific sales reporting and the Activity Log.