The new, improved Square Reader

Accepts chip cards and contactless payments with improved connectivity, extended battery life, and enhanced security.

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Square Reader
Bosstab Dock for Square Reader
Infinite Peripherals® Case
Apple Pay
Square Reader

Square Register

A fully integrated payments and POS solution.

$1,099 or 12 interest-free payments of $92¹

Square Terminal

An all-in-one credit and debit card machine for payments and receipts.

$329 or 12 interest-free payments of $28¹

Square Stand

Turn your iPad into a powerful point of sale with payments built in.

$149 or six interest-free payments of $25¹

Square Reader (2nd generation)

A simple way to accept contactless and card payments with longer battery life, enhanced connectivity and security.


Square Reader (1st generation)

Accept card payments anywhere on your smartphone or tablet.


Accept contactless payments with just your iPhone or Android Phone

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Square Register has a two-year limited warranty; all other Square hardware have a one-year limited warranty.

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All Square hardware comes with free 30-day returns. No questions asked.

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As a part of our commitment to net-zero carbon emissions for operations by 2030, Square is offsetting all hardware shipping.

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