A toolkit for every business

Square business software and enterprise tools power a wide variety of business types. Whether you’re just opening your doors or you’re streamlining processes to scale, Square provides the business solutions you need for every step.

Business management

Sell anywhere and get paid anytime with flexible omnichannel tools that connect and customise all parts of your business.

Square Invoices

Contract builder
Build and customise professional contracts for your business.

Invoicing software
Quickly send and track invoices to save time and get paid faster.

Invoice templates
Download and customise free professional invoice templates to send to clients.

Square Online

eCommerce platform
Turn any business into an online business with a free eCommerce website.

Online ordering system
Create an online ordering page for your restaurant to accept online orders, promote repeat purchases and streamline deliveries.

Photo Studio app
Shoot professional-level photos from your own device.

QR code ordering system
Provide contactless, self-serve ordering and payment for your dine-in customers with a scannable QR code.

Website templates
Create custom website templates for eCommerce, retail, restaurants, services and more.

Square Payments

Buy now, pay later
Let your customers pay in instalments while you get paid up front, online or in person.

Card surcharges
Automatically pass on processing fees associated with in-person card payments.

Instant transfers
Get your funds instantly and stay in control of your cash flow.*

Offline payments
Continue taking secure, offline payments in the event your business loses internet.

Online payments
Keep your online transactions safe with secure online payments.

Payment links
Accept payments almost anywhere with Square payment links. Easy to create, share and track.

Payment processing
Get paid faster with secure payment processing solutions. Offer fraud protection with no monthly fees.

Payment risk manager
Get insight into payment fraud patterns. Set custom rules and alerts to detect and manage risk.

Tap to Pay on Android
Accept contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallets from compatible Android devices.

Tap to Pay on iPhone
Accept contactless cards, Apple Pay and other digital wallets in person with Tap to Pay on iPhone.

Square Point of Sale

MOTO payments
Charge credit cards quickly, securely and remotely, no matter where you are.

Square Dashboard
Keep your business at your fingertips with real-time reports and insights into what’s selling.

Square point-of-sale software
Square Point of Sale is easy to use and customise for all kinds of businesses to fit your unique needs.

Virtual Terminal/Computer POS
Bill remotely or take payments over the phone and record them on your computer.

Square for Restaurants

Kitchen Display System
Keep orders, delivery and front- and back-of-house operations in sync from one screen.

QR code menu generator
Create your own custom menu with free menu templates.

Restaurant POS
An all-in-one POS system built to help owners, managers and staff make the most of every shift.

Table management system
Take bookings, manage turnarounds and organise service with our table management system.

Table reservation system
An effective and simple all-in-one table reservation system for restaurants of all sizes.

Square for Retail

Barcode system
Benefit from fast, accurate inventory processing that makes life easier for your team and your business.

Inventory management
Built-in inventory management tools sync with your online store and give you access to inventory tracking, stock alerts and inventory reports.

Product bundles
Group and sell a combination of complementary products together as a single item.

Purchase orders
Automatically generate new purchase orders, keep tabs on your vendors and get smart forecasts so you know exactly what to reorder and when.

Retail POS
Streamline your business and sync in-store and online sales, inventory, purchase orders, customer information, reporting and more.

Stocktake software
Scan and search items. Update, review and confirm counts. Do it all on-the-go, straight from your iPhone, iPad or compatible barcode scanner.

Vendor management
Create and manage your vendor list. Send and receive purchase orders. View which items are your biggest sellers in any given time frame.

POS Hardware

Whether you need a card reader or an all-in-one POS system, our tools allow you to start selling fast.

Customer engagement

Connect with existing customers, reach new ones and grow relationships with tools that integrate seamlessly with Square solutions.

Square Appointments

Appointments POS
The point-of-sale solution for bookings, payments, retail, inventory and more.

Appointment reminders
Automatic appointment reminders for customers.

Booking website builder
Create a free website that enables customers to book their appointments and purchase items.

Cancellation policy templates
Include your cancellation policy within your online bookings flow for reduced confusion.

Class and course bookings
Easily manage class schedules, capacities and customer bookings with real-time analytics and a user-friendly interface.

Bookings on Facebook
Square Appointments lets you add a booking button to your Facebook business page for free.

Instagram booking
Let clients book appointments directly from Instagram without leaving the app for free.

QR code booking
Simply create a QR code which takes them directly to your online booking page.

Recurring appointments
Automate the process of scheduling recurring appointments.

Reserve with Google
Reach your customers with Google and manage bookings with Square Appointments.

Resource booking
Create resources (such as rooms, stations or chairs) and assign them to your services to avoid double bookings.

Waitlist software
Allow your customers to join your waitlist so you can always fill an unexpected cancellation.

Square CRM

CRM software
Manage your sales, marketing, customer support and contacts in a single system.

Customer directory
Access customer information, such as purchase history or loyalty status. Use the data to make smarter business decisions and to bring customers more of what they love.

Customer feedback
Collect customer feedback right from email and text message receipts.

Email marketing
Email marketing powered by your POS. Integrate customer data to send targeted campaigns in minutes.

Gift cards
Boost sales and bring in new customers by offering physical or digital gift cards online or in person.

Loyalty program
Build a customisable loyalty program straight from your point of sale or Square Online store to keep customers coming back.

Square Subscriptions

Subscription management software
Create predictable revenue streams for free with subscription management software.

Staff and money

Run your business smoothly with the tools to manage your team and your cash flow.

Staff and money

Square Loans
Loans tailored to your unique business for anything you need to move your business forward.1

Square Shifts
Manage scheduling, time tracking, payroll prep and sales data, all in one place.

Square Advanced Access
Increase your business security, gain team member insights and customise your team’s access to POS, Dashboard and Team app.

APIs, SDKs and integration partners

Square provides the partners, the platforms and the tools you need to run your business.

APIs and SDKs

Bookings API
Integrate Square Appointments into your application to create and manage bookings.

Catalogue API
Programmatically catalogue products or services, including items, variations, categories, discounts, taxes, modifiers and more.

Checkout API
Create a link to a Square-hosted payment page that’s shareable across online channels such as email, web pages and social media.

Customers API
Create and manage customer profiles, including membership in customer groups.

Inventory API
Implement programmatic management of counts and changes in products or services.

In-App Payments SDK
Build a custom payment flow and accept Square-powered payments from within native mobile applications built on Android, iOS, Flutter or React Native.

Orders API
Track and manage the lifecycle of a purchase. Record purchase items, calculate totals, track an order’s fulfilment and update a catalogue inventory.

Point of Sale API
Opens the Square Point of Sale application on top of a native mobile or mobile web application UI to take payments using a Square Reader or Square Stand.

Terminal API
Integrate with any web or mobile application to take payments using a Square Terminal.

Web Payments SDK
Build your own custom payment flow into a website or web application and accept multiple payment methods with Square such as credit card, Afterpay, digital wallets payments and more.

Explore more APIs and SDKs
Use our Developer APIs and SDKs to build on the platform that sellers trust.

App marketplace

Square App Marketplace
Connect Square to the apps you already use to manage your business.

Processing fees

In person

Square charges a fee of 1.6% per tap or insert.

1.6% per transaction


When a customer makes a purchase through Square Online, Square Online Checkout, eCommerce API, in-app payments or pays an invoice online, the fee is 2.2%.

2.2% per transaction

Manually entered

When you manually key in your customer’s card details on Virtual Terminal or a Square POS app, or use a card on file, the fee is 2.2%.

2.2% per transaction

Buy now, pay later

Allow customers to pay in instalments over time with Afterpay. You get paid immediately, so there’s no risk. Bring in more business in person and online.

6% + 30c (exc. GST) per transaction

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  • What is business software?

    Business software is the programs, solutions and tools that allow businesses to perform specific functions. Business software improves efficiency, accuracy and helps remove the need for manual tasks that can hinder business growth.

  • Can business software help with tasks, such as accounting, inventory management or customer relationship management?

    Yes, business software can help with a wide variety of tasks, including accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management, marketing and more.
    Square offers a robust set of business solutions and tools that enable businesses of all types to handle common functions, such as accounting or customer relationship management, along with more specialised functions, such as developing a custom eCommerce store, creating a targeted marketing campaign or managing orders in real time.

  • Which factors should be considered when selecting the right business software for a specific industry or business size?

    When selecting the right business software, consider the tools you currently use and the tools you’ll need as you grow. No matter the size or type of your current business, the most important factor in selecting the right business software is how all the tools, solutions and functions connect and work together.

    Square offers an ecosystem of tools that work together to power your entire business and allow you to sell anywhere. As you grow or expand, you can add the tools you need to scale and they’ll connect with the Square software or hardware you already have in place.

  • Does Square work with popular accounting software, such as XERO and Quickbooks?

    Square Point of Sale integrates with popular cloud accounting software, such as XERO and Quickbooks. This means that Square transactions can flow automatically into your accounts, improving accuracy and reducing the need for manual data entry – a great timesaver at tax time.

  • Which types of payments can my business accept with Square?

    Square works with any Australian-issued and most international chip cards or swipe cards with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB logo, as well as bank-issued eftpos chip cards. Square also supports mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Square processes all card types with the same standard rates.

  • For which types of businesses is Square best suited?

    Since Square is an ecosystem of customisable business software and hardware, it serves businesses in every industry, including restaurants, hospitality, retail, health and beauty, professional services, home repair and many more. Square tools suit businesses of all sizes and can benefit businesses looking to streamline operations and offer customers more ways to connect and pay.

  • How secure is the Square payment processing system?

    Security is engineered into Square hardware and software from the ground up. All payments are encrypted to protect from hackers. Encryption is designed and maintained by Square, so you don’t have to go through third parties. Our in-house teams constantly monitor our server security, so your business can rest easy. Learn more about Square secure payment processing.

  • How do I get started with Square?

    Simply sign up and create an account or contact our sales team to ensure you have all the tools needed to support your unique business needs.