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Automatically generate new purchase orders, keep tabs on your vendors and get smart forecasts so you know exactly what to reorder and when.

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Transform your stock management system

Free up valuable admin time with a purchase order system that manages your entire procurement process from start to finish, so you can concentrate on doing what you love. Purchase order software will keep all your vendor data in one place, provide you with an overview of inventory levels and keep accurate status information about all your orders.

Easily manage your purchase orders in one place.

Managing purchase orders

Easily create, edit and manage purchase orders to stock up on products, track vendors and receive inventory across all your stores straight from your Square POS or Dashboard.

Inventory management

Keep on top of stock control with software which tracks inventory levels, provides data on best sellers and slow movers and creates low stock alerts. Robust inventory management cuts the risk of stockouts and overstocking.

Purchase order automation

Save valuable time with automatic purchase order generation when stock runs low. Square does all the hard work using sales and inventory data to create a purchase order – simply review the order details and send directly to the vendor.

Easy-to-use purchase order software automates the ordering process for you

Keep track of your purchase orders and vendor performance all in one place. Streamline your business processes and give your customers a better experience by always having stock available.

Streamlined purchasing

Simplify your day with our purchase order system and app.

  • Cut the time you spend on purchase orders by receiving items in bulk.
  • Mark missing items from the delivery, which allows you to request reimbursement from the supplier.
  • Get customised low-stock alerts to reduce the risk of stock running out
  • Avoid overstocking with real-time data on stock levels.
  • Get pre-filled stock order quantities, across product sizes, to remove the guesswork.

Improved inventory control

Stay on top of your inventory management whenever you want, wherever you are.

  • Easily track stock levels online or through the Square app.
  • Real-time inventory information helps retailers make better business decisions.
  • Track stock levels and monitor stock adjustments, across multiple locations.
  • Gain accurate visibility into profit and loss reporting.
  • Optimise stock levels and reduce the costs of holding inventory.
woman looking at items in stock

Better vendor management

All your essential vendor information in one place at the touch of a button.

  • Easily compare prices and terms between vendors.
  • Use the information in Square’s purchase order software to negotiate better prices and deals.
  • Track vendor performance over time.
  • View all vendor contact information and historical notes from one place.
  • View how many sales and returns have occurred from each supplier.

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Square for Retail is more than just a POS system

Inventory management system

Square for Retail comes with an advanced inventory management system. This ensures that you can always keep track of what inventory you have and where it is, even over multiple locations. You can also get alerts when your stock is running low and track performance and profit of your products.

Auto item creator

Save time on adding new items into your catalogue by scanning the barcode. Square pre-populates any registered product information, such as the name, size and more. Designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Online store builder

Having an online store increases your opportunities to make sales and, in turn, increases both your revenue and your profit. Square makes it easy by syncing the items and stock counts from your POS automatically and providing free access to Square Online. With Square Online, you can build a functional and attractive website without any technical skills.

CRM software

It takes more than just the right choice of products at the right prices to keep customers coming through your doors. You also need to deliver consistently excellent customer service. Square lays the foundation for this with robust CRM software for capturing customer details across in-store and online sales.

Advanced reports

Good information makes for good business decisions. That’s why Square for Retail provides advanced reports straight from your dashboard. These reports are promptly updated so you can be confident you’re always looking at the most recent figures and understanding the health of your Inventory.

Payment processing

Square provides secure, fast and simple payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re visiting markets or running multiple brick-and-mortar stores and an online store, Square has a payment processing solution that’s just right for you.

Plans for every stage


Get the basics to sell in-store and online.


No monthly fees.


  • Free Square Retail Point of Sale app
  • Free online store
  • Basic inventory management
  • Unlimited items
  • Exchanges
  • Built-in barcode scanner (iOS)

Processing rates per transaction:

1.9% per tap or insert on Square Reader and Square Stand

1.6% per tap or insert on Square Terminal and Square Register

AfterPay transactions 6% + 30 cents (excl. GST)


Manage your business with advanced inventory tools and smart reports.


Per month, per location

Includes Square for Retail Free plan features and:

  • Advanced inventory management
  • Barcode label printing
  • COGS and inventory reports
  • Square Team Plus

Processing rates per transaction:

1.6% per tap or insert on Square Reader and Square Stand*

1.6% per tap or insert on Square Terminal and Square Register

AfterPay transactions 6% + 30 cents (excl. GST)


Scale your business with all the tools to simplify your complex operations.

Custom pricing

Must meet eligibility requirements†

Includes Square for Retail Plus plan features and discounts on optional add-ons.

  • Square Online
  • Square Loyalty
  • Square Marketing
  • One-on-one onboarding support

Processing rates per transaction:

Custom processing rates available when you contact sales.

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*The rate of 1.6% (GST inclusive) for contactless and chip & PIN payments on Square Reader and Square Stand is only applicable to payments processed when signed in to a Square for Retail Plus account on the Square Retail POS app.

†Custom pricing may be available if you process more than $250K per year. Contact sales.

*Purchase Order Management is available with Square for Retail Plus. You can get started with a 30-day free trial of Square for Retail Plus to see if it’s right for you. Start free trial.


  • What are the main features of a purchase order system?

    Square’s comprehensive purchase order management software takes the legwork out of your procurement process, automatically generating orders when stock runs low. Pulling through data from your inventory management ensures purchase orders are more accurate. It also stores all your vendor data in one place, allows you to track and compare vendor performance and can make smart forecasts on exactly what you should reorder and when.

  • How will a purchase order system benefit my business?

    Purchase order systems will cut down on human error during the ordering process, reduce procurement and inventory storage costs, and save time on dull but essential admin tasks. You can use it to keep control of purchases, costs and payments.

  • How do I set up purchase orders?

    Simply go to your Square Dashboard and click on Items > Inventory Management > Purchase Orders. From there, you’ll be able to create purchase orders, input the details, save them and send them to the vendor.

  • How do I create purchase orders?

    You can use a template to create a purchase order but with Square’s purchase ordering system, all the hard work is done for you. Head to inventory management on your dashboard. Select on purchase orders and follow the steps to add items, vendor details, and delivery date, to create a new purchase order.