Create, manage and track your vendors

Understanding your vendors is the key to great buying relationships. Square for Retail provides you a complete vendor management system to track contact information, easy stock ordering when Inventory gets low and vendor performance reports all from one place.

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Make life easier with Square’s vendor management software for retail businesses

Create and manage your vendor list. Send and receive purchase orders. View which items are your biggest sellers in any given time frame, sorted by supplier. With an intuitive vendor management system your online Square Dashboard will be your new back of house.

Vendor management system

Vendors in high demand want businesses that are easy to work with. Square’s vendor management system lets you create and manage your vendor lists, for smoother buying relationships.

Vendor performance tracking

The right information leads to smarter strategic decisions. Square for Retail’s vendor performance tracking uses easy-to-view graphs, putting the best data right at your fingertips.

Purchase order management

When items run low, Square for Retail can automatically generate purchase orders for you to review and send to vendors. This gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Use simple and accurate vendor tracking for smooth operations

The people who provide your goods and services are key to your success. This could be a few suppliers or thousands of vendors linked together in a global chain. Square’s vendor management software lets you create, manage, track and view performance across products – and all at the touch of a button. The result? Smarter insights into who exactly to buy from, and which supplier’s products make the most profit in your business.

Simplify business operation with automation

Saving time and increasing efficiency will help your business run like clockwork. Square for Retail’s vendor management tools can automate time-draining manual tasks.

  • Manually checking supplier information on different spreadsheets and data sets can lead to costly errors. Square for Retail keeps vendor details at your fingertips for fast, efficient stock ordering.
  • All your vendor management functions are housed into your Square Dashboard – your easy-to-use, intuitive space.
  • When items run low, Square for Retail automatically generates purchase orders for you to review and send to suppliers.

Streamline the buying process

Top suppliers can pick and choose who they work with. Having a smooth, efficient buying process helps lead to better relationships and turns your business into an attractive proposition.

  • Keep on top of your stock levels and improve the way you manage your inventory with Square as your inventory management solution.
  • Know which stock will run out based on how fast you’re selling, so you can get your order into your vendor before you run out.
  • Keep tabs on your stock and transfer across locations in real-time. Tag changes with preselected reasons to track why adjustments occurred.

Make better decisions, faster

Strategic decisions start with the best data. With Square for Retail as your vendor management system, you can make informed purchasing decisions that reward your top partners. It’s a win-win all round.

  • Vendor sales reports show which items are sold in a given time frame, across stores, sorted by vendor.
  • By selecting a date range and filtering by vendor, you will have an accurate look at how each of your vendors are performing, as well the profit their product made to your business.
  • With easy-to-view graphs included in the vendor sales report, identifying your top vendors by net sales, units sold, and number of returns will be a breeze.

Start tracking your vendors today

Vendor management software buys you much more than time.

Square for Retail is more than just a POS system

Inventory management system

Square for Retail comes with an advanced inventory management system. This ensures that you can always keep track of what inventory you have and where it is, even over multiple locations. You can also get alerts when your stock is running low and track performance and profit of your products.

Auto item creator

Save time on adding new items into your catalogue by scanning the barcode. Square pre-populates any registered product information, such as the name, size and more. Designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Online store builder

Having an online store increases your opportunities to make sales and, in turn, increases both your revenue and your profit. Square makes it easy by syncing the items and stock counts from your POS automatically and providing free access to Square Online. With Square Online, you can build a functional and attractive website without any technical skills.

CRM software

It takes more than just the right choice of products at the right prices to keep customers coming through your doors. You also need to deliver consistently excellent customer service. Square lays the foundation for this with robust CRM software for capturing customer details across in-store and online sales.

Advanced reports

Good information makes for good business decisions. That’s why Square for Retail provides advanced reports straight from your dashboard. These reports are promptly updated so you can be confident you’re always looking at the most recent figures and understanding the health of your Inventory.

Payment processing

Square provides secure, fast and simple payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re visiting markets or running multiple brick-and-mortar stores and an online store, Square has a payment processing solution that’s just right for you and your business.

Plans for every stage


For small businesses getting started in-person and online


No monthly fees


  • Free Retail Point of Sale app
  • Free online store
  • Basic inventory tools
  • Exchanges
  • Built-in barcode scanner (iOS)

Processing rates per transaction:

1.6% per tap or insert

2.2% per online transaction


For growing retail businesses that need in-depth features


Per month, per location

Includes Square for Retail Free plan features and:

  • Advanced inventory tools and reports
  • Automatic purchase orders
  • Barcode label printing
  • Item bundling
  • Unlimited employee time tracking

Processing rates per transaction:

1.6% per tap or insert

2.2% per online transaction


For established retail businesses looking to scale


Must meet eligibility requirements

Includes Square for Retail Plus plan features and optional add-ons:

  • Square Online Plus
  • Square Loyalty
  • Square Marketing
  • One-on-one onboarding support

Businesses processing $250,000 or more in yearly payments may be eligible for custom pricing. To learn more, please get in touch with our experts.

1.6% card present rate applies for Square Sellers who sign up on or after 30 May 2024, or who signed up prior to this date and subscribed to Square for Retail Plus or Premium. The rate of 1.9% will apply for all other Square Sellers who signed up prior to this date when using Square Reader, Square Stand or Tap to Pay, as listed in the Square Fee Schedule.

*Vendor management is available with Square for Retail Plus. You can get started with a 30-day free trial of Square for Retail Plus to see if it’s right for you. Start free trial.

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  • What is vendor management software?

    A vendor management software solution is a range of tools designed to streamline and automate various aspects of the vendor or supplier management stock ordering process. It provides businesses with a centralised solution to effectively manage their relationships with vendors, suppliers, and service providers.

  • Why is vendor management important for businesses?

    A vendor management software solution is important to businesses for several reasons:

    1. Centralised and organised vendor information: This ensures easy accessibility and allows businesses to maintain an organised database of contact information.

    2. Enhanced vendor performance management: This helps identify top-performing vendors, track performance trends, and address any issues promptly.

    3. Improved communication: Vendor management software facilitates effective communication and stock ordering information between businesses and vendors.

    4. Data-driven decision-making: Provides valuable insights into vendor performance, costs and overall supplier relationships across the year.

  • Which Square for Retail plan do I need in order to get the vendor management system?

    Square for Retail’s vendor management features are available in its Plus plan. You can compare every feature of each plan on our pricing page.

  • I already have a vendor list on a spreadsheet. Can I bulk import?

    Yes. You can bulk import vendors quickly and easily from an Excel or CSV file from your item library.
    See full instructions.

  • How do I create a vendor list on Square for Retail?

    Setting up your vendor list can help you keep track of purchasing and organise your cost. You can do it in a variety of ways. You can go to Inventory Management on your Square Dashboard, click Vendors then Create Vendor. Or you can add vendors on the spot when you’re creating an item or making a purchase number.

    The vendor management software also lets you enter SKUs and vendor codes, to help you connect the dots between items in your library and the codes vendors used to identify their products.

    See full instructions.

  • How do I view a vendor sales report?

    Vendor sales report lets you view which items are sold in a given time frame, sorted by vendor. By selecting a date range and filtering by vendor, you will have an accurate look at how each of your vendors are performing, as well as additional insights for each item sold.

    To get started:

    • Navigate to Reporting > Reports > Inventory Reports > Vendor Sales in your online Square Dashboard
    • Use the date selector at the top left-hand corner to choose the date range you’d like to view or enter custom dates
    • If you have more than one location, select which ones you’d like to see

    See full instructions

  • How do I upgrade my Square for Retail plan so that I can get its vendor management features?

    You can upgrade from the Retail Free plan to the Plus plan by subscribing here. You’ll be able to use all your existing features and setup. The only new setup will be the added functionality that’s included with your upgrade. After your 30-day free trial, you’ll be charged $109 per month per location. If you choose not to subscribe, you’ll be downgraded to the Retail Free plan (though processing fees still apply).

    To upgrade to the custom Premium plan, contact our sales team.

    You also have the option to downgrade your subscription from Plus to Free in your Dashboard.

    You can pause your subscription at any time from your Dashboard. When you pause a subscription, you will not be billed. You can unpause at any time and your account will be ready for you – all your data will be retained. A message in your Square Dashboard will let you know which features you’ll lose with the downgrade.

  • What else can Square do for my business?

    There’s more to Square for Retail than just managing vendors. An all-in-one solution for retail businesses of all sizes it, it lets you take payments in-store and sell online and comes with a raft of team management tools that are easy and intuitive to use.