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What is a barcode system?

A barcode is a way of presenting data using a series of lines and numbers in a way that can be easily read by machines (but is not usually easily readable by humans). A barcode system is a system for creating, printing and reading barcodes. It typically includes barcode label design software, a barcode label printer and at least one barcode scanner.

Benefits of using a
barcode system

✓ Makes it much easier to handle large volumes of inventory at speed.
✓ Provides valuable data to inform business decisions.
✓ Can be used on both large and small scales. For example, you could sell a product in different sizes, colours, or variations. A barocde will automatically idetify that specific version of the product.
✓ Vastly reduces the possibility of human error.
✓ Easy for employees to learn.

One of the best ways to get full value from a barcode system is to integrate it with your POS system. This is what enables you to leverage the data it produces.

Benefit from fast, accurate inventory processing

Setting up a barcode system doesn’t have to be complicated. Once your system is set up, it mostly needs minor updates (for example when you update your inventory). As soon as you have your barcode system set up, you can start to benefit from fast, accurate inventory processing that makes life easier for your business and your team.

Speed up inventory processing

When a customer gets to the checkout, you want to get them through it as quickly as possible. Then, you want to record the sale promptly so you can restock in good time. Using a barcode system is generally the most practical and cost-effective way to do this.

Reduce human error

Barcodes are easy to create, easy to put onto items and easy to scan. This means that there is very little scope for costly and inconvenient human errors.

Take the load off your team

It’s much easier to use a barcode system than it is to deal with individual prices. This means that implementing a barcode system can take the load off your team and give them back time for more valuable tasks.

Easily create a variety of barcode labels

Creating barcode labels is simple with the right system. If necessary, you can auto-generate SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for any items that are missing them. You can choose between downloading your barcodes as a PDF or printing them from your dashboard.

Print labels right from your dashboard

Square is compatible with several popular barcode label printers including the Dymo and Zebra printers. You can print barcode labels in different sizes right from your Square dashboard and customise the product information included such as name, price or unit abbreviation.

Barcode scanning for checkout

Scanning barcodes at checkout is by far the fastest way to get people served and stop queues from building up. Square makes it easy by allowing you to link wireless or USB barcode scanners to your Square Retail POS.

Create an item with simple barcode scanning

You may find yourself with items that already have barcodes and need to enter them into your POS. Square makes this easy. You just need to scan the item and Square will flag that it is not recognised. Then, click Create Item, enter the details and tap Save.

Inventory counting with barcode scanning

Counting inventory manually can be so slow and tedious that it becomes a painfully frustrating exercise for everyone involved. Inventory counting with barcode scanning is faster, more accurate and allows multiple employees to contribute to a stock counting session, at the same time.

Start using our barcode system today!

Square for Retail is trusted by thousands of retailers, big and small.

Square for Retail is more than just a POS system

Inventory management system

Square for Retail comes with an advanced inventory management system. This ensures that you can always keep track of what inventory you have and where it is, even over multiple locations. You can also get alerts when your stock is running low and track performance and profit of your products.

Auto item creator

Save time on adding new items into your catalogue by scanning the barcode. Square pre-populates any registered product information, such as the name, size and more. Designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Online store builder

Having an online store increases your opportunities to make sales and, in turn, increases both your revenue and your profit. Square makes it easy by syncing the items and stock counts from your POS automatically and providing free access to Square Online. With Square Online, you can build a functional and attractive website without any technical skills.

CRM software

It takes more than just the right choice of products at the right prices to keep customers coming through your doors. You also need to deliver consistently excellent customer service. Square lays the foundation for this with robust CRM software for capturing customer details across in-store and online sales.

Advanced reports

Good information makes for good business decisions. That’s why Square for Retail provides advanced reports straight from your dashboard. These reports are promptly updated so you can be confident you’re always looking at the most recent figures and understanding the health of your Inventory.

Payment processing

Square provides secure, fast and simple payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re visiting markets or running multiple brick-and-mortar stores and an online store, Square has a payment processing solution that’s just right for you and your business.

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Barcode printing is available with Square for Retail Plus. Scanning barcodes with iPad camera is included with Square for Retail Free plan. You can get started with a 30-day free trial of Retail Plus to see if it’s right for you. Start free trial.

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