that scale with
your ambitions.SoFi Stadium.Blue Bottle Coffee.MY SALON Suite.

From deeper data to better customer relationships, Square is shaping the future of big business.





Why larger businesses choose Square.

  • Future-focused, connected tools
  • PCI compliance and risk management
  • Enhanced, user-friendly experience
  • Customized processing rates and no hidden fees
  • Easy launch and maintenance
  • Customer insight and communication

The value of Square to our members at MY SALON Suite is that everything communicates across all the software systems.

Kelly McCarthy-Westbrook, my salon suite

Everything you do, working in unison.

Payments, customers, staff—it’s all connected with Square. Add more to your business, or scale back where you need to, so you can focus on shaping the bigger picture.

“I really like to use Square to look for different ways of presenting our data and think, ‘is there something here to inform our product development?’”

Matt Longwell, blue bottle

An open platform you can make your own.

As your needs change, your tools should keep up. Connect to pre-built integrations or build your own experiences using our APIs.

Square offers us a way to think outside of the box in terms of what’s possible for transactions and experiences in-Shack. The Square suite of tools enables a variety of new opportunities.

Anoop Pillarisetti, shake shack

We help big businesses reach bigger goals

The Kebab Shop + Square

25 locations in the U.S. Over 2 million transactions annually. Uses Square Point of Sale and Square Payments.

“Square gives us updated features that follow buyer trends across all markets, not just restaurants, so we stay on trend with whatever’s coming today and in the future.”

Wally Sadat, CMO

Raise your standards, lower your costs.

The example cost savings below is based on real Square businesses. Our seller owns a retail business with annual sales of $20M, averaging $114 per sale.


saved in fees
and PCI compliance


saved in employee’s
time from responding
to disputes, ensuring
compliance, and managing vendors


saved in
chargeback fees

$30,000+ per year
saved switching to Square.

Your case may vary.

Customize your pricing.

We’ll work with you to find the best rate structure for your payment volume, average transaction size, and other business needs.

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