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Process Card Payments with Offline Mode

With Offline Mode, you can accept card payments when your Internet service is temporarily unavailable. Offline payments are processed automatically when you reconnect your device to the internet, and may be declined if not processed within 24 hours.

You are responsible for any expired, declined, or disputed payments accepted while offline.  Offline Mode only supports Chip and PIN card payments, Google Pay, and Apple Pay transactions. You must always be connected to the internet to process contactless card payments.

Before taking an offline payment, we recommend you verify the name of the cardholder as well as the expiration date to ensure it’s a valid card.


  • If you have pending offline payments, do not sign out of the Square app (or factory reset your Terminal.) 

    • Pending offline payments will be permanently lost and the funds won’t be captured if the app is deleted.

  • Make sure you process these payments by reconnecting your device to the Internet as soon as you can—either Wi-Fi or a data service plan such as 3G, 4G or 5G.

  • Processing Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Chip and PIN payments offline is currently available with the Square Point of Sale app on Square Terminal only. Keep an eye on the Seller Community for future updates. 

Accept Payments Offline

Device Chip and PIN Contactless Apple Pay Google Pay
Square Terminal ✔️ Yes ✖️ No ✔️ Yes ✔️ Yes
Square Register ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No
Square Stand ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No
Square Reader ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No ✖️ No

Enable Offline Mode on Square Terminal

  1. Open the main menu.

  2. Tap Settings > Checkout > Offline Mode.

  3. Toggle Allow Offline Mode to on.

  4. Review the information and then tap Allow Offline Mode.

  5. To set a limit for card transactions taken offline, enter an amount next to Per Transaction Limit. The maximum per transaction limit is $50,000.

Offline Mode will automatically be enabled whenever your Internet connectivity is unavailable. You will see an orange banner at the top of your Terminal’s screen  indicating the app has automatically entered Offline Mode.

Offline payments will appear as pending from your in-app payment history while your device is offline. When you reconnect your device to the Internet, payments will show as completed and will be visible from your online Square Dashboard. Customers’ digital receipts and your payment notification emails will also be sent when the app is back online. Remember – you’ll have 24 hours to upload your offline payments.

Refund Offline Payments 

You’re unable to cancel or refund pending offline payments. To issue a refund, first complete your pending payments. To do so, re-connect your Square Terminal to the Internet to automatically upload your payments. Once complete, you can issue a refund.

Accept Offline Payments Safely

When you take a payment in Offline Mode, you accept the risk of a declined or partial payment when your device reconnects to the internet. For example, a card may be declined if it is expired or cancelled, or the PIN has been entered incorrectly.

We recommend setting a moderate transaction limit and printing a receipt of any offline transactions. If you’re concerned a transaction may decline, we recommend taking down the customer’s name and phone number on the back of the receipt so you can contact them at a later time if necessary.

Note: Eftpos cards cannot be processed offline so please ensure to check your customer’s card prior to processing. 

Read frequently asked questions for processing offline payments.