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Square Appointments Subscription Options

Appointments for Individuals

You can use Square Appointments for Individuals free of charge. There is no monthly fee to use Appointments for Individuals, and you will only pay Square’s standard processing fee when you process your client’s credit or debit card.

Appointments for Individuals Staff Processing Fee Monthly Subscription Cost
1 (Yourself) 1.75% per Card-Present Transaction Free

Appointments for Teams

Appointments for Teams enables you to create staff profiles for online booking and calendar management. Customise the level of access for each staff member to the Appointments calendar and point of sale.

Appointments for Teams Staff Monthly Subscription Cost
2 - 5 Staff Members £29/month
6 - 10 Staff Members £69/month
More than 10 Staff Members £119+/per month

For teams of 11 or more staff, please feel free to contact our Sales team to discuss custom rates.

Processing Fee for Teams

When you sign up to manage staff with Square Appointments for Teams, your processing fee for card-present (swiped, inserted or touched) payments will be 1.6% per transaction. For all other types of transactions (such as customer prepayment, card-not-present, Virtual Terminal or invoices), you’ll pay Square’s standard processing fee.

It’s important to note, the rate of 1.6% for card-present transactions is only for payments processed through the Appointments app. If you use the Square Point of Sale app to process payments with your Appointments account, you will pay the standard processing fee of 1.75% for card-present transactions.

Appointments for Individuals + Team Management

Appointments for Teams allows you to create staff profiles for booking services. However, some Appointments sellers don’t need the calendar or booking features for their staff. That’s where Team Management comes in. While Square Appointments for Teams utilises Team Management’s features, there’s a different billing structure if you want to limit your staff’s access to the point of sale, without allowing them access to the Appointments calendar.

This subscription option is considered Appointments for Individuals (since only one person will be accessing the calendar) + Team Management. While Appointments for Individuals is free, for every employee profile you create, your monthly billing will be £20 per month per location, and you’ll pay Square’s standard processing fee.

Here are some examples of billing with Square for Individuals + Team Management:

Appointments for Individuals + Team Management Processing Fee Appointments for Individuals Employee(s) Monthly Subscription Cost Total
1.75% (1) Free 1 £20/month per Location
(1) Free 5 £20/month per Location
(1) Free 10 £20/month per Location

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