Keep your customers coming back.

Square Customer Engagement

See how the Square Customer Engagement products work.

Send beautiful email and bring customers through the door.

It takes just minutes to send personalized emails to your customers with Square’s beautifully designed templates. On average, customers who have received promotions via Square are more likely to come back and spend 25% more than normal during their next visit.

See it all show up in your bottom line
Square Marketing is linked to your sales history, so you can track the revenue and visits generated from each email campaign—and never have to guess if your time and money were well spent.

Get private feedback from your customers.

Square Feedback allows customers to communicate directly with your business. You can respond privately with messages or discounts, so you can keep what’s working and turn any dissatisfied customers into loyal ones. It’s like your own built-in customer support center.

Keep customers coming back.

Square Loyalty lets you manage your loyalty program right from your point of sale. Customize the program to suit your business, and let customers sign up with their phone number at checkout. Square takes care of the rest, automatically tracking stars and rewards. Unlike other options, Square Loyalty shows you participation levels and automatically measures the effect on your sales.


Square Customer Engagement has helped Square sellers generate over $5,000,000 in sales.

“The Customer Engagement Dashboard lets us know what’s going on in the shop while we’re in our production kitchen or out on the road, which is key for us.”


Do you have thousands of customers?
Our Sales team can help you simplify your operations and set you up with the right solution to meet your business needs.


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