Is Square Right for Your Business?

A comprehensive system of tools, both hardware and software, that are designed to make growing your business easy, no matter its size. Square combines a powerful point of sale (POS) platform with a range of associated hardware and software products, all of which work to make your life easier.

Whether you run your business from a website, a shopfront or a market stall, whether you need a specialised business tool or a comprehensive business system, if you’re just starting a small side hustle or wanting to take over the world, Square allows you to construct a customised yet fully integrated technology stack that covers payments, sales, bookings, team management, customer loyalty and so much more.

But is Square worth it for my business? To answer that question, we need to understand exactly what Square’s range of products is capable of.

Square products and services

It’s first important to understand that Square isn’t a single product, (yes there is more than that little white reader) but rather a suite of products and services that can be connected together to create a custom system that meets the unique needs of your business, small or large

Square products and services can be grouped in four main categories: payments, customers, hardware and business tools.

Solutions for your business

The future of business is yours to shape. Start selling with Square

Payments: Tools that enable you to sell everywhere and get paid anytime

With Square payments products you can accept all major methods of payment (both in-person and online), easily track and analyse your business dealings and finances, and create the smoothest and simplest customer experience possible:

  • POS software: Square’s POS system allows you to manage your entire business from one place. Instantly sync your online store, easily sell through Instagram and Facebook, and offer pickup, local delivery and shipping in a few clicks!

  • Inventory Management: Tracking the comings and goings of your stock has never been easier than with Square’s inventory management system. It’s also never been cheaper – this product is free!

  • Online Payments: This online payment solution can be synced with all major eCommerce platforms in minutes, and allows online retailers to take payments easily, instantly and cost-effectively.

  • Online Checkout: Creating ‘Buy Now’ buttons, QR codes and payment links has never been easier than with Square Online Checkout.

  • Digital invoices: Create invoices, track payments, send reminders and analyse your business finances within an ultra-intuitive dashboard. Business finance has never been simpler than with Square Invoices.

  • Virtual Terminal: Turn your computer into a credit and debit card terminal with Square Virtual Terminal, which allows you to bill customers remotely and take card payments over the phone.

  • POS hardware: For those who attend markets or run physical stores, taking in-person payments is made so much easier with the right hardware, whether in the shape of the Square Register, Square Terminal, Square Stand or Square Reader.

  • Square Online: This tool allows you to create a fully functional online store for absolutely nothing. Set it up today and get selling straight away!

Customers: Serve customers and grow relationships with marketing and loyalty

Finding your customers, engaging with them, managing the relationship and earning their loyalty; Square’s range of customer-focused products allow you to do all this and more.

  • Online booking system: With Square Appointments you can schedule your bookings instantly, leaving you with more time on your hands.

  • Email marketing: No marketing channel offers a better return on investment than email, and with Square Marketing you can create and send your email campaigns in minutes, and easily track their performance over time.

  • Customer feedback: ‘How did we do?’ Square feedback lets you ask your customers this all-important question in an enlightening and 100% confidential way.

  • Loyalty program: Loyal customers are by far the most valuable customers, and Square Loyalty has been designed to be a loyal customer production line, offering deals and discounts to your regulars.

  • Customer directory management: Your customer database forms the foundation of your marketing efforts, while also offering up handy information on loyal customers whenever you need it. Square Customer Directory makes the management of this database a cinch.

  • Gift Cards: Get sales to boost by offering gift cards to those who aren’t too sure exactly what their loved one will want!

Business Tools: Small business loans that work with your cash flow

Establishing and growing a business inevitably involves some form of investment, but navigating different loan options and gaining approval can be a complex task… unless you’re a Square Seller.

  • Square Loans: No credit checks, no interest, no worries – Square Loans of up to $75K are available to approved Square Sellers. They feature a single, 100% transparent fee, and are paid off automatically as you make sales, meaning you won’t be caught short on repayments if you happen to have a quiet month!

Staff: Run your team efficiently with rostering and timecards

As your business grows, so does your team. It’s exciting, but also daunting, as a larger team requires more management. But Square products can help here too.

  • Team management: Square Team Management lets you schedule and manage your team right from your point of sale. Roster staff, keep track of hours in a glance and empower your team with custom permissions.

Types of businesses that can benefit from Square solutions

Square products have been designed in a way that is simple, intuitive, flexible and 100% scalable. They’re perfect for every type and every size of business, including:

  • Small businesses: With products that cover every aspect of running a small business – payments, business management, eCommerce, marketing, customer loyalty and more – and that integrate seamlessly together, Square forms an ultra-cost effective, all-in-one solution for small businesses.

  • Large businesses: The scalability of Square products and services make them ideal for multi-store retailers and other large businesses, particularly in terms of payment processing and point of sale solutions.

  • Retail stores: With the market-leading point of sale solutions, with a suite of products designed to manage staff, stock and customers across multiple stores, and with complete eCommerce integration for the online part of the business, retail stores can do far more with Square, far more easily.

  • Restaurants and bars: Square is an all-in-one restaurant management solution. Take payments, manage your team, and allow customers to order from their table via QR codes or an online portal, with the order sent straight through to the kitchen display system!

  • Professional services: Square is ideal for the professional services industry, with everyone from accountants to health providers taking advantage of Square Appointments for easy booking and scheduling, invoicing solutions to track finances, and customer management and engagement solutions to keep clients happy.

  • Home and repair: Square’s in-person payments, appointment scheduling, and simple yet comprehensive invoicing solutions ensure tradespeople and handymen can spend less time on admin, and more time on the work that pays the bills.

  • Leisure and entertainment: From pop-up festival food trucks to ticket and merchandise sales, Square can take care of business for those in the leisure and entertainment industries.

Point of sale hardware products

Square offers a complete suite of POS hardware solutions, with each designed to make the process of taking payments as simple and smooth as possible.

  • Square Reader: The simplest and most compact piece of POS hardware in the Square range, Square Reader is a tap and go device that connects wirelessly to your phone, tablet or POS system. Featuring an all-day battery designed to keep up with you, Square Reader allows you to securely and cost-effectively accept chip cards, contactless cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay from anywhere and at any time!

  • Square Terminal: Square Terminal drags the classic card machine into the modern-day. This machine takes the chip and contactless payments, features a large, crisp touchscreen, and securely encrypts every transaction. Square even manages payment disputes so you don’t have to!

  • Square Stand: Compatible with 10.2” and 10.5” iPads, the Square Stand swivels from server to customer for an organic payment experience. The Square Reader dock is attached to the unit by a cord, granting you the ability to take all types of chip and contactless payments. You can even add a receipt printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer for complete POS functionality.

  • Square Register: A fully functional and completely integrated system that has been designed for every type of business, the Square Register is the ultimate piece of POS hardware. Featuring two displays – one for you, one for the customer – 24/7 support, and no hidden fees or long-term commitments, Square Terminal has been designed to match the flexibility and scalability of your business.

Is Square worth it? That’s a question only you can answer. But if you’re ready to get down to business, Square’s complete range of innovative products and services is more than ready to help.