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Mitigating The Impact of Inflation

Inflation is forcing entrepreneurs to rethink how they do business, and creative new strategies are emerging. From the staff shortage to supply chain disruptions, many factors are contributing to higher prices. Consumer spending habits are also evolving as a response, making certain goods and services more appealing to people while others are taking a backseat. So what’s next? Use this primer to get a deeper understanding of inflation’s impact on your business along with tips to help you stay one step ahead.

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SydneyFoodBoy x Square ↓

Tips from one of Australia's best food bloggers Kevin La a.k.a. SydneyFoodBoy.

Social-friendly content with SydneyFoodBoy ↓

Tips from one of Australia's best food bloggers Kevin La a.k.a. SydneyFoodBoy.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Business? ↓

So you're thinking of starting a business, congratulations! There can be many costs involved with starting a business, from locations, subscriptions, point of sale software, rent and wages to name a few. This collection features business cost guides and handy tips for starting a business in Australia.

Marketing Tips & Tricks ↓

From email marketing to social media, loyalty programs and gift cards. There are many ways to market your business. But which one is right for you? This collection features tips, tricks and guides. From first-timers to seasoned marketers learn how you can start or evolve your business marketing.

Preparing For Tax Time ↓

As a business owner, tax time and end of financial year (EOFY) can be tricky to navigate. What can I claim? Am I on top of my ATO payments? Explore guides, tips and tricks to help you sail through this tax time.

Taking Payments ↓

The payments landscape is always changing and consumers are finding new ways to transact everyday. From buy now, pay later to payment links, discover the latest trends and technologies emerging in payments today.
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