Streamline Your Professional Services Business with Square

Streamline Your Professional Services Business with Square
3 reasons to streamline your business with Square |1. More organisation with less administration |2. Strengthen client relationships |3. Intuitive and easy to use.
by Square Sep 03, 2021 — 3 min read
Streamline Your Professional Services Business with Square

You can streamline your professional services business to bring systems for time logging, team management, invoicing and appointment booking all in one place.

To find out more about making life easier for you and your clients, read on.

More organisation, less administration

With Square, you can spend more time on your real work and less time doing the paperwork, which although necessary, can be time-consuming and can also be streamlined.

With Square, you can set up multiple different functions to ensure your business runs smoothly.

You can set up recurring invoices to help when month-end rolls around. You can just press a button and your invoices will go out at the same rate to the same clients to free up hours of invoicing time. This will also mean your clients get their invoices on time and with clear payment dates.

With our auto-reminders, businesses can remind clients of payment dates, appointments and deadlines. This is ideal for those in accountancy or other professional services like the legal sector when deadlines for filing documents, taxes and court papers are imperative.
Who doesn’t like it when certain tasks are automated? With the ability to auto-convert your estimate to an invoice when it has been accepted, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be invoicing the correct amount to the correct person. You won’t have to keep going through emails and documents to find your original quote.

Strengthen client relationships

With the flexibility of our ecosystem and various integrations, Square systems can be customised to look exactly how you want. Your clients will also get a unique style that they love to see, building a system that shows up for them in the way they want.

Strengthen the customer relationships with easy-to-use management tools, from the Square Customer Directory to Square Appointments and with a handy feedback system to make sure that everything you need is in one place, ready to be used by you and your team members.

The Square Customer Directory features the ability to add a customer to the system at the point of sale, so all their important information is there, ready for the next transaction. You can access and update the details anytime, anywhere with the Square Point of Sale app or the Square Dashboard. You can also update the directory with important notes to ensure clients feel valued and message clients directly from it.

Square Appointments can be integrated with so many other parts of Square. You can simplify your scheduling, as well as let clients book directly and send reminders. By making sure your client has an easy scheduler to use and you can see their profile with a few clicks, you can be ready for any appointment with the correct information, making for a better client experience.

Intuitive and easy to use

Square is easy to use for both business owners and their customers. No need to worry about having to learn a new system, it being overly complicated and needing a training session from an ‘expert’. Square is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to keep on top of.

We have created an intuitive system, so it works for you, making it easier to keep track of your business when it matters most, without the need for multiple software systems.

With hardware and virtual payments available, there is a solution for every business. If you need to invoice customers we have Square Invoices that are easily customisable and you can send from anywhere. With tracking to see if clients have viewed and paid, as well as the ability for them to pay via Google Pay, Apple Pay or card, you can be reassured that you’ll be paid on time, every time.

Some businesses like accountants, property managers and other professional services, sometimes will have to take over-the-phone payments. Using the Square Virtual Terminal, you can easily take payments with just your computer. The virtual terminal can record all types of payments and there is no need for any special equipment. Card details are kept secure, and you can issue receipts, set up recurring payments, and even link the Square Terminal to your computer so you can take payments in-person with just a click of a mouse. Virtual and in-person payments have never been easier.

Using the Square Point of Sale alongside your Virtual Terminal, helps you to run your business. Using its innovative tools to always make sure you are on top of your business, sales and marketing as well as payments. With the ability to track preferences, make notes on client profiles and store important information to make it easier for your client to do business with you, it is so easy to create the kind of customer experience that you want to be known for.

Using Square, you can have the streamlined business and great client experience that you dreamed of when setting up your business. You get everything you need in one package, with support and resources to keep you going, always. Find out just how you can get started with Square and connect your business operations.

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