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Get Started with Square Online


With Square Online, you can create a professional website to showcase your business online, sell your items and accept payments with Square. With our easy-to-use website builder, spend less time setting up Square Online and more time focusing on what matters most: your business.

To sell individual items without setting up an Online store, consider Square Online Checkout links. Checkout links allow you to sell items through email or social media, or by hosting them on your blog.

Still not sure if Square Online is right fit for your business? Learn more and compare our plans to choose the right online store for your needs.

Getting Started

If you’ve already signed up for Square, you can get started right from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your online Square Dashboard> select Online.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. You can choose to set up either a single online ordering page or a multi-page eCommerce website.

  4. Lastly, choose your business type (i.e. what are you selling?) and order fulfilment method (e.g. shipping, pickup or delivery).

From here, you can import your item library, and start creating your Square Online store. After setting it up, you can then create item categories manually in the Square Online Overview page.

Note: Categories in Square Online are used to organize the products and services available in your Online store.

Build and expand Square Online with these additional features:

Items in Square Online

Items synced to your Square Online store can be changed to 7 different item types, so feel free to choose an item type that fits your purpose. We help you by providing specific fields and layouts perfectly suited to each item type.

Physical - Best for basic retail items such as clothing or jewellery.
Digital - Lets you provide a digital file for download.
Donation - Allow site visitors to send donations for any cause.
Membership - Collect membership dues and registration fees. Great for clubs and classes.
Event - Sell tickets to events, and include location address and times.
Service - Best for services for hire, such as massages and hair styling.
Prepared food and beverage - Best for restaurants or other food venues.

Add Shipping, Pickup and Local Delivery

Depending on your item types in your Online store, you can set up different fulfilment methods for different item types. Learn more about each fulfilment method below.

Note: Fulfilment type for all items will default to shipping.

Manage Orders

You can manage orders from both your online Square Dashboard and the Square app.

You can also understand the different statuses for online orders, and manage online orders from your Square Online Overview page.

Note: In order to cancel an online order, you’ll need to do so from the Square Online Overview page.


When a customer places an order online, you’ll pay a 2.2% per transaction fee for most Square Online hosting plans. You can also reduce that fee to 1.9% per transaction by upgrading your site to the Premium Plan.

Syncing Between Square and Square Online

When you first set up Square Online, products in your Square Item Library will sync over to your Square Online Overview page. After the initial setup, syncing will continue automatically in the background.

What syncs?

Item Details

Changes to item prices, SKUs, titles and descriptions all sync both ways. Note that you can disable item description sync if you’d like to use the rich text formatting in the item editor. You can turn off description sync in Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Square Online Overview page.

Primary Image

You can sync the primary image for each item between Square Online and Square Item Library. To configure this setting, go to Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Square Online Overview page.

Item Variations and Modifiers

Items with variations or modifiers applied will sync the same as other items. You can add and edit variations or modifiers after an item has already synced, and those changes will sync over to the item in Square Online.


Inventory decreases automatically in your Square Dashboard when customers buy items from your Online store. If you have multiple locations with stock, check Settings > Square Sync > Settings on your Square Online Overview page to view or change the location being used to decrement inventory.

Deleted items

Deleting an item in your Online store will also remove it from Square, so proceed with caution. If you want to remove an item from your Online store without deleting it from Square, make it “unavailable” instead. Simply edit the item and click the Unavailable button under the description field, then save. This will remove the item from your website so it can’t be purchased online. If you change your mind later, you can set it back to “available”.

Sales and Orders

When customers purchase items from your website, the customer and order information syncs between Square and Square Online, so you can view and access orders in both locations.

Business Locations

The location information from your Square account syncs to your Square Online settings.

What doesn’t sync?


The category information from your Square account does not continuously sync. However, categories can be imported one time from Square to your Online store (and will need to be managed separately thereafter) from your Square Online Overview page > Items > Categories.


Square discounts are different from the coupons in your Online store, so they will not sync. Use the coupons in your Online store to offer incentives to customers who purchase through your website.

Sale Price

Sales are handled differently in Square, so sale prices you set on items in your Online store only apply to purchases made on your website.

Tax and Shipping Settings

These will need to be set up in your Square Online Overview page separately, so they do not sync.

Payments and Reporting

Once a customer places an order from your Online store, Square automatically collects payment before you mark the order as complete. Your customers will receive an email confirmation with their Square Online receipt once they’ve finished the payment flow.

Payments processed with Square Online will appear in the transaction history on your online Square Dashboard. Your payment history on your Dashboard offers an itemised breakdown of stock sold for both in-store and online sales. Learn more about viewing and downloading your Square payment history online.

If you cancel an item or order, your customer will automatically be refunded. Cancelled orders will reflect as a custom amount refund and will not update your inventory levels for the included items.

Learn more about how to process refunds with Square.

Manage Your Subscription

If you sign up for one of the paid-tier versions of Square Online, you can manage your subscription directly from your Square Online Overview page. Simply click the site name in the upper-right corner > Account settings.

Change a Square Online Domain

To change your website’s domain name (URL):

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Website > General Settings > Site Address.

Use Square Online with your Existing Website

If you have a primary website and would like to add Square Online to it, you can, for instance, build a single ordering page where your buyers can shop your entire catalogue of items only. Once built, you can then add a link to your Square Online store to your primary website’s navigation menu.

To build a single ordering page, select Single ordering page when you first sign up for Square Online, or follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Square Online Overview page.

  2. Select Website > Edit Website.

  3. In the site editor, click the Page dropdown menu in the upper left.

  4. Under Category pages > Shop All, select ”…” > Make this my homepage.

  5. Delete all other pages by selecting ”…” > Delete page.

  6. Under Category pages, select ”…” > Switch template.

  7. Review your options and select Switch.

  8. Finish setting up your single ordering page.

  9. Publish your site to a domain (URL), and add it to your primary website.

Note: Your options for switching your template are Shop All (best for selling retail items) and Order Online (best for selling food for pickup).