5 Tips to Make the Most of Square Employee Management

5 Tips to Make the Most of Square Employee Management
Manage your team with Square's Team Management tools. Set up locations, customise permissions, enable passcodes, use timecards & enhance sales reports.
by Square Feb 09, 2017 — 2 min read
5 Tips to Make the Most of Square Employee Management

As your business starts to grow, so may the size of your team. Square’s Employee Management tools are designed to help you manage that growing team. These are valuable tools that larger businesses traditionally need to thrive, at just a fraction of the cost you’d usually pay.

We’ve compiled our top five tips to help you get started with Square Employee Management:

Set up a new business location with a click.

Are you running a business with multiple locations or mobile team members? Now you can create and manage every location with a single Square account. Open a new location directly from Square Dashboard, then import your item library from your existing locations. Your Dashboard allows you to set menu items or price variations for different locations, so you can better manage and optimise your business using real-time location-by-location sales data.

Set and customise employee permissions.

Square Employee Management allows you to set different levels of access, from Cashier (restricted access) to Accountant (allowing the user to access sales reports, transactions and employee timecards) to Administrator (allowing the user management access to all the areas of your point-of-sale system). The tools allow you to choose which members of your team you want to give access to what, which may give you more time to relax and consider taking a break.

Enable employee passcodes.

One of the key benefits of employee passcodes is that you can now track every interaction between your employees and your point-of-sale system — giving you a higher level of security and more peace of mind. You can then monitor employee access while you’re offsite, directly from Square Dashboard, and track the transactions at all locations.

Clock employees in and out with timecards.

The handy new timecard function enables your employees to clock in and out right at the point of sale. Track what time your employees are starting work, see who has logged in and out and then simply share the timecards with your accountant to process your payroll.

Boost your employee sales reports.

Square Dashboard empowers you with a stack of sales reports, from trends to top items and more. Now you can apply the same powerful reporting to track the performance of your employees. Passcodes enable you to track sales by employee and create revenue-per-hour reports. Identify which team members are the most efficient — or find out when an employee (or entire location) is underperforming so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. You can also customise your data by device or location, and simply download a CSV file or get an end-of-day report from your Square Point of Sale app. You can also monitor your sales on the go with the free Dashboard app, which enables you to remotely monitor your business from your iOS device.

Square Employment Management is available for just $3 per month, per employee. Take the stress out of managing your growing team and get started today with a free 30-day trial.

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