New: Square for Retail POS on Square Terminal

New: Square for Retail POS on Square Terminal
Retailers using Square can now add the portable Square Terminal to their payments hardware mix. Learn more in this introductory article.
by Beth Barrett Oct 11, 2022 — 4 min read
New: Square for Retail POS on Square Terminal

In exciting news for Australian businesses using Square for Retail, Retail POS is now available to be used on the popular Square Terminal device. Square for Retail POS has previously only been available on other Square hardware solutions, including Square Stand and Square Register.

With Square for Retail POS now also available on Square Terminal, there are new opportunities for retailers to take payments and serve customers quickly and flexibly. Let’s look at how using Square Terminal in your retail business might benefit you and your customers.

What is Square Terminal?

Square Terminal is the all-in-one device for taking card and mobile payments and printing receipts. Businesses love using Square Terminal because it’s so flexible: the portable handheld device can go wherever you need to take payments quickly and securely. Now with Square for Retail available on Square Terminal, retailers can have an even more seamless POS experience.

Conveniently, businesses using Square Terminal pay a flat processing fee of 1.6% for any EFTPOS contactless, chip + PIN or mobile payment.

The fully portable POS machine

With pandemic restrictions largely behind us, brick-and-mortar is back and becoming more dynamic and experiential than ever before. This means customisation is key. It’s important to find flexible solutions across every part of your retail business, particularly when it comes to taking payments.

There are many reasons retailers might consider Square Terminal as their all-in-one selling solution. Portability is a plus for any retail setting, but it’s particularly important for any retailer that sells on the go, at festivals, pop up shops, expos, events and more. Why?


With Square Terminal, retailers are no longer chained to the traditional counter for making sales and taking payments. You can be wherever the transaction needs to happen.

Square Terminal can help you grow your business

You can configure Square Terminal to the needs of your retail business. For some businesses this might mean using Square Terminal as your number one standalone payments device. For other businesses with more advanced needs, Square Terminal becomes part of a suite of payments solutions, providing a portable option to use anywhere in-store or on the go.

Choose to start selling right away with Square for Retail Free or upgrade to Retail Plus to unlock advanced inventory features. Use Square Terminal as a standalone POS device, or use alongside other devices to check out customers faster or process on-the-go payments.

Checkout: Streamline your page layouts with customisable items, actions, customers, discounts tiles, or even saved cart, for a more optimised workflow.

Prep for the holiday season: Process exchanges and cross-location returns, create orders for pickup or shipping, along with inventory management tools (coming year end)*, all from an all-in-one POS device.

Cut down the queues: Add a Square Terminal to your POS line-up and cut the checkout queue in half, reducing the major bottleneck and speeding up your service. The best part is you can always add more Square Terminals as demand increases at each location.

Take remote payments: Key in payments from the back office or storeroom with your Square Terminal.

Enable offline mode: Accept card payments when your Internet service is temporarily unavailable. Offline payments are processed automatically when you reconnect your device to the Internet within 24 hours

Accept Afterpay: Increase your average transaction value, and allow customers to process in person payments using Afterpay on Square Terminal, so you never miss a sale

Save counter space: Add necessary payments hardware to your counter without taking up too much space or creating a mess of cables and bulky till systems.

A boost for your busy sales periods

With another busy Christmas trading season approaching, retailers are looking for ways to support their teams that may be hampered by staff shortages and high customer demand. With Square for Retail available on Square Terminal, there’s now a great solution for keeping checkouts quick, serving customers flexibly anywhere in your shop, or taking payments on the go no matter where your retail selling takes place. Your team will love the flexibility, and your customers will appreciate the time saved.

Get started with Square for Retail POS on Square Terminal

Square for Retail is now compatible with any Square Terminal device, whether brand new or existing. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up for Square for Retail POS, either the Free or Plus plan.

If you’re buying a brand new Square Terminal
Unbox Square Terminal and power it on. From there, select Retail as your chosen point of sale. You can then run a Square for Retail POS account on Square Terminal.

If you already use a Square Terminal to run Square Point of Sale
Already have a Square Terminal that you’ve been using Square Point of Sale on? To switch to Square for Retail POS you’ll need to update your device software by signing out and then singing back in. Watch for notifications on your Square Terminal screen or on your Square Dashboard to take you through the steps needed to make the update. It will only take a few minutes to complete.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. For specific advice applicable to your business, please contact a professional.

Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett is a Globalisation Specialist at Square and a contributing writer to The Bottom Line.


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