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Expanding Access

Square empowers small businesses with the technology and tools they need to thrive in the economy. We started by enabling sellers to accept card payments, and we continue to expand access to the financial system.

Small businesses drive economic output and new job creation, and act as an on-ramp for individuals to participate in economic growth. However, small businesses often face challenges accessing the financial resources they need. For example, access to capital can be an intimidating, time-consuming, and often unsuccessful process.

We started Square Capital to serve as a trusted partner to our sellers, facilitating the funding they need to take the next important step in their business. Square Capital’s relationship with Square puts us in a unique position to expand access to capital to more businesses of all sizes. Using technology and data, we bring simplicity, flexibility, and transparency to financial products, creating a more inclusive financial system.

Our approach to financial services, including facilitating loans, is rooted in aligning our interests with those of our sellers to support seller growth and success.

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Economic empowerment

Small business is the lifeblood of the economy.

It drives economic output and job creation, and serves as an on-ramp for individuals to participate in economic growth.

of U.S. jobs are created by small businesses.

of U.S. employees are employed by small businesses.

of U.S. private GDP is produced by small businesses.

Square powers small business.

Square empowers small businesses with the technology and tools they need to start, run, and grow.

of Square sellers live outside the 25 most populous U.S. cities.

2017 Square proprietary data

Traditional borrowing is difficult for a small business.

of small businesses do not receive the funding they want.

2018 Small Business Credit Survey. Federal Reserve Banks.

“A traditional bank looks at us and goes, oh you’re so small—nope! You’re just written off. Without places like Square, we may never have been able to get a loan.”

Larissa Wilson, Hannah's Gluten-Free Bakery, Mesquite, Texas

Small business in your community

Expanding access.

We work to empower small businesses in America and build a strong economy that lifts everyone up.

58% of loans through Square Capital went to women-owned businesses, compared to 17% of traditional loans.

35% of loans through Square Capital went to minority-owned businesses, compared to 27% of traditional loans.

Square Capital statistic: Based on an April 2019 survey of 5,655 respondents who have accepted a loan through Square Capital
Traditional loan statistic: SBA 7(a) Lending Statistics for Major Programs as of 4/05/2019

We have a proven record with our sellers.

Square Capital is a trusted partner to small businesses. We bring simplicity, accessibility, flexibility, and transparency to financial products.


Funds extended


Average loan size


Merchants served


Say Square Capital helped them grow

Includes MCAs and loans between May 2014 and March 2020
Based on an April 2019 survey of 5,655 respondents who have accepted a loan through Square Capital

Meet our sellers

“Having the Square Capital funding has made a huge difference in our ability to continue to grow.”

Lucia Rollow, Bushwick Community Darkroom, Brooklyn, New York

With Square Capital, Lucia turned her basement business into a 3,000-square-foot venture with her first employee.

“Even when people call me now and say, ‘we can offer you a lower rate,’ I’ll say, ‘oh no you can’t, because Square has so many other things to offer that you don’t.’”

Philip Webber, Jive Turkey Legs, Gastonia, North Carolina

“I’ll tell you what has made it the best for us: Square. And I’m not just saying that. I have told so many other food trucks to get Square. I show them how to set it up, how to use Stand. There are so many things Square offers that make it easy for me.”

“With Square Capital, I don’t have to send in the payment, it comes out automatically from my credit card sales. That makes it easy to afford, manageable. During the peak season, you’re making a lot of money, you’re paying your loan back, and you’re paying it back faster. But then if something happens and it’s slow for you, you’re not paying as much back. It’s perfect for the small business owner.”

“I’m now on my second loan through Square Capital and it’s really allowing me to continue that momentum.”

Jenn Pratt, Fresh Sunshine Flowers, Sandpoint, Idaho

Jenn used Square Capital to turn her long-standing family tradition of selling flowers into a business that meets modern-day customer needs.

“All it takes is a few clicks, and once we are approved, we have the funds the next day.”

Daniel Noguera, Urbana Cafe, Cincinnati, Ohio

“What is great is that if we’re making more money, we pay more back. But if we’re not, we pay less. For us in particular, here in Cincinnati, the weather is very strange, and our business is really dependent on the weather. So if the weather is off and we’re not super busy, then we don’t pay as much.”

“The way I compare Square Capital to traditional lending is that if I need the money, all it takes is a few clicks, and once we are approved, we have the funds the next day.”

“This lets us make business decisions really quickly. For example, right now I’m looking at upgrading our coffee roaster and it’s a pretty big expense. I just got another notification from Square about another loan offer, so it’s something we’re going to consider again.”

“We’ve tripled our workforce and tripled our fleet size. As we’ve been able to grow our company, we’ve been able to show our customers that we care about them.”

Andy Cullen, Cullen Electric, Lockland, Ohio

With the help of Square Capital, Andy turned his two-truck business into a seven-truck fleet with employees to match.

“Square has made it so I don’t have to worry about what they take out. I can still pay my other bills and employees. That’s where the difference is with regular banks.”

Melissa Lefler, Lake Norman Puppy Planet, Denver, North Carolina

“I don’t miss the money. The way our loan is set up—taking small repayments out nightly from our transfers—I don’t miss it.”

“With regular banks, you need to have a big payment, right now. Square makes it so much easier by taking a small percentage out daily. To me it’s a godsend because I couldn’t have done it the other way.”

“To me, this is a never-ending business of making it new and refreshing it because there are so many changes in this industry. It’s all about making sure the dogs are happy and healthy.”

“I did try to get a loan the traditional way by going to the bank, but they required so much of what I didn’t have, being a new business.”

Courtney Foster, Courtney Foster Beauty, New York, New York

The extensive paperwork required by Courtney’s bank prevented her from applying for a loan, but with Square Capital, she has since accepted two loan offers.

Testimonials and videos reflect the views and opinions of the customer. Actual results from taking a loan through Square Capital may vary.

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