Behind The Counter At Vegan Restaurant No Bones Byron Bay

In case you missed it we recently visited fine-dining vegan restaurant No Bones Byron Bay, where we spoke with the team about their movement, making a difference for the planet and exciting expansion plans. If you missed our chat you can read the full article here.

If you are a current or aspiring restaurant owner, working in the industry or just love hearing about how a large-scale venue ticks, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out what happens behind the counter at one of Byron Bay’s best restaurants.

A few years ago the words “fine dining” were rarely associated with vegan food. But there has been a huge shift in the past couple of years, born from an increased awareness of the state of our planet. Plant-based dining has become an exciting new challenge for some of the best chefs around the world and as more people make a conscious effort to decrease their weekly meat consumption, plant-based food is becoming ever more popular. No Bones, founded by Tahlia and Yasmina have now expanded to a team of twenty-four staff at No Bones, plus eight at No Bones Little, working in front-of-house, back-of-house, kitchen and operational roles across two venues. The best part? They choose Square to power their Restaurant, serving more than 250 diners on their busy nights!

“It goes without saying how beautiful Square hardware looks on the counter. It helps when the equipment we use looks just as stunning as the restaurant, right? Not only is it good-looking on the outside, but it’s also functional on the inside.”

— Yasmina, Co-Owner No Bones

Behind the counter at No Bones Byron Bay


As you walk in you are greeted by the Square Stand which the team use to manage bookings, configure table layouts, adjust menu items and take payments for both in-house diners and takeaway orders.

“Square Stand has been awesome for our front desk, it means we can take payments for any customers coming through for takeaway right at the door, it also holds our booking system and is the first thing people see when they walk down the steps so luckily it’s easy on the eye!”

SQUAREAU-NoBones-0125 (1)

If you are dining in, you may also spy a few more Square Stands throughout the restaurant, the team do have five after all!

Fancy stopping by for a drink? You will be handed a Square Terminal when it comes time to pay. You can even split the bill easily at payment!

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Dining in? The ability to carry the Square Terminal from table to table makes it the star of the show for No Bones. They currently have three Terminals roaming the restaurant.

“Square Terminals are the star of the show, they are used for mobile table service, taking payments, splitting bills etc. We love that you can add discounts and void items right on the Square Terminal, and our customers love them. We frequently receive comments on how easy and seamless the payment process is!”

ph220523S NoBones 0107 01 EN AU

Square For Restaurants Mobile POS

Did you know that Square for Restaurants Mobile POS is now available? Choose from two handheld hardware options: Square Terminal, with a built-in receipt printer, or the pocketable Mobile POS kit (coming soon).

But, what about the staff?

“All our staff love Square, it makes learning a new job so much easier for new team members. Square has made our systems so much slicker and easier, using a system that is user-friendly has made my job training staff on the POS a dream, they pick it up straight away! It also makes updating menus, reports and online ordering so pain-free.”

SQUAREAU-NoBones-0138 (1)

Their favourite feature?

“It has to be the Reports feature, this enables us to keep track of items we sell, takings for different days of the week and comparing data to other reports over the year. We use this as a base to help plan new menus”

Learn more about Square for Restaurants and how Square can help power your business. Read more business stories on Townsquare.