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Get restaurant performance reports on Square Dashboard

Who is this article for?
This article is for managers, owners, and team members who use Square Restaurants POS and have the necessary permissions to to view reports in Square Dashboard. Learn more about team member permissions with Square for Restaurants.

Before you begin

As a Square for Restaurants seller, you have access to restaurant-specific reporting and standard Square reporting in your Square Dashboard to help you analyse your restaurant performance over time. Reports on Square Dashboard that are unique to Square for Restaurants include Section Sales and Kitchen Performance.

The Section sales and Category rollup reports require a Square for Restaurants Plus or Premium subscription, and the Kitchen Performance report requires a subscription to Square KDS.

This article covers how to get four critical restaurant reports on Square Dashboard. To learn more about other Square reports available to you, go to Square Analytics and Reporting on Square Dashboard.

Open section sales report

Section sales reporting allows you to track the sales for different areas of your restaurant’s floor plan. For example, you can compare the sales from your bar to the sales from your outdoor patio. To view section sales, you must have created the table mapping for your restaurant. If you haven’t set up your sections yet, learn how to create your table map.

  1. From your Square Dashboard, click Reporting > Reports > Section sales.

  2. Choose an available date range.

  3. Apply any relevant filters to your reports.

  4. To export your report as a CSV file, click the Export icon.

Open kitchen performance report

Kitchen performance reporting shows your completed ticket count and average completed ticket time across all devices and locations. Your kitchen performance report only tracks tickets sent to your Square Kitchen Displays. Items and tickets sent to printers are not tracked.

  1. From your Square Dashboard, click Reporting > Reports > Kitchen performance.

  2. Choose an available date range and timeframe.

View category rollups in the category sales report

Category rollups allow you to group and view the sales reporting for multiple item categories at once. For example, if you have three item categories of “Beer”, “Wine” and “Cocktails”, you can create one category rollup of “Alcoholic Beverages” to track their performance as a group.

Before viewing your category rollups, you’ll need to create a category rollup report.

  1. From your Square Dashboard, click Reporting > Reports > Category sales.

  2. Click Rollups.

  3. Enter a name for your category rollup, then select the relevant categories from your item library.

  4. Click Create a Category Rollup.

Once you create your category rollups, you can access them as a View Categories or View Category Rollups filters in the Square Dashboard.

To create additional or edit existing rollups, click on the View... filter then click MANAGE CATEGORY ROLLUPS. To print or export your report as a CSV file, click the Print or Export icon.

Next Steps

Learn more about real-time reporting with Square for Restaurants:

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